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Printing baren for lino printing

My daughter has recently started lino printing. She’s asked for a printing baren for Christmas. I’ve no idea what that is except found this :slight_smile:

Any suggestions, advice would be most welcome. xx

Intriguing … not for sale to persons under 18 it says in the listing, the mind boggles.
Looks like it would be good for printing though :slight_smile:

She’s over 18 :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Maybe they worry they might crush a finger nail.

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This is interesting. My husband has just started lino printing. I’ve given him as much help and guidance as I can but the last time I did any lino printing was when I was 17! This product looks good, might take a bit of practice to get even pressure

Hand-printed have a selection of barens as well as loads of different printmaking supplies. I’ve always had good service from them.

Your daughter will love lino printing - so much fun carving!

Jessica Thanks very much. She already is loving it. She’s done one design and sold a framed one of it yesterday for £40. Brilliant is what I say.