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Problems adding a new listing

Hello there
Is anyone having problems adding new listings
I just added 1 item, decided needed to amend and I cannot view draught
Won’t save and is missing some of my original typing plus any amendments
Have made sure every section that is required is completed
Hope someone can help, don’t recall having this problem before
Did sign out then go back in and retype the amendments but still could not save
Thanks Pam

Sorry I’ve never used Draft so I don’t know what might be wrong.

Have you contacted admin?

Have just tried to put a listing in drafts and it all worked OK for me.

Not so far
Am tempted to list something else, see if the same thing happens
Thanks for your input

Thanks for letting me know
Will try another item

If you have listed it, I don’t think it will be in draught…unless you you logged out without listing it (and it had a photograph). If the item is listed you just need to ‘edit’ the listing surely?..or have I misunderstood?

I listed an item then realised I wanted to change some of the info, put it into draft, amended it, then could not save it for listing, somewhere along the way something did not quite work, have listed another item without problems so will delete original attempt and redo
Thanks for your help

If you’ve already listed an item but wish to change something in that listing you just click Edit on that listing to edit.

I did not know we could move items in to draft…how do you do it?
I always assumed they just saved there automatically if you left them unlisted…didn’t know you could move them there.


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Thanks for your reply
Sorry it took so long
Much to my delight it righted itself by following day
Must have been some sort of glitch
Thanks again, nice to know people are out there
Pam (MainlyCards)

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