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Tried To List Item Help

(Linda Leonard) #1

Tried to list item today ,got as far as add photo ,and it won’t upload my photos ,either take photo option or existing photo.
It has done it fine before.
Anyone experienced this?or anyone with advice ? Cheers In advance

(Jayne) #2

I’m also trying to list an item, get as far as uploading a photo and every time I try it says photo error. Never had any problems before.

Hopefully someone with some ‘tech’ knowledge will point us in the right direction!

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #3

Yep I’m having trouble too. I was going to email folksy but can’t find the emergency email address for when something goes wrong at the weekend.

Think it’s a site issue

(Sasha Garrett) #4

Might be a glitch with the system and if you leave it a couple of hours it will sort itself out. If its still not working tomorrow then email with details and they should get it all sorted.

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #5

Thanks that’s the email address I was thinking of

(Paula Rayson) #6

Was taking 30 mins plus last night to load three photos onto a listing, assumed it was my old netbook.

Today I’ve noticed not all photos loading when browsing around, and am on the iPad now. Software glitching I suspect.

(Oh Button Me) #7

I’m so glad others are having a problem too. Can i save my listing as i’ve spent agesdoing it all i need is add photos?

(HartAndCraft) #8


Oh no. It only saves when you preview it and you can’t preview without a photo. And if it logs you out you will lose your listing. Best I can suggest is copy the text in your description and paste it into Word or Notepad; then you can copy from there when they fix it.

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(Kim Blythe) #9

I was going to add some extra photo’s to listings today, and edit some, but think I will leave it…

(Roz) #10

This is becoming a regular complaint at the weekends - perhaps Folksy can’t cope with the additional amount of people around at the weekend.

(Oh Button Me) #11

Ah thank you @HartAndCraft thought so but just wanted to double check. :blush:

(beachSHACKproject) #12

hmmm me too what is going on!!! irritating me now!!!

(Julie Maginn) #13

I’ve emailed Folksy to let them know.

(HartAndCraft) #14


I expect the server’s run out of room due to all those non-handmade, non-UK based, mass producers that seem to appear at weekends :rage:

(Camilla) #15

Sorry everyone! It looks like we had an issue with the image servers again this afternoon, but it should be fixed now.

If it happens again or you have any more problems could you email and let us know?

(Oh Button Me) #16

thank you Camilla

(HartAndCraft) #17

I just uploaded a photo and it’s working for me now.

(Linda Leonard) #18

Thank you for all the replies ,managed to list items successfully now :smile::smile: