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Please why does this still happen ONLY on Folksy

(Sarah Lambert) #1

I am trying to list an item (for the last 20 minutes!!! ) - all of my photos are cropped before I try to upload them. There is one that hasn’t uploaded even though it reloaded into another photo frame. This is still whizzing round and round and there is no button to press to cancel it.

Why after all these years hasn’t it been fixed :frowning:

The listing won’t preview.I can’t do anything except start from scratch with the whole listing :rage:

(Roz) #2

I know it can be really annoying when your photos don’t upload and results in you having to start the whole listing again. Can’t give you a fix but heres a couple of tips which may save you a bit of time.

When you start a new listing, always start by uploading a photo. As soon as you have one photo uploaded then fill in all the details and preview it - that way it will be saved in drafts so at least if you then can’t get the other photos to upload and have that continuous whirring circle you will not have to start again from scratch.

The other alternative is to create a random draft listing with any photo (I have one that just has the text Draft Listing on it) and then just fill in some info in the boxes you have to fill in - doesn’t need to make sense just random characters will do - and again preview it. Then every time you want to create a new listing just copy this draft listing, fill in the details and again preview before you attempt to upload the real pictures.

I know it doesn’t solve the problem but having lost several listings after spending a long time thinking about the description/tags etc I have found this a lifesaver!

(Sue) #3

If I remember, I sign out and sign in again, this seems to help me

(Sarah Lambert) #4

Thanks @OrchardFelts Roz- I’m sure there used to be a save a draft option at one time, maybe I’m wrong. Good idea about the text draft listing too. Oh well. Calmed down now after a cuppa and a Bakewell scone :smile:, but the listing will have to wait as I’ve bricks to strip paint off.

Thanks Sue @SueTrevor , don’t you lose the listing doing that though?

(Sue) #5

I never word things properly, I meant before I even try to list I sign out, another way, is of course just upload one, straight away, and write the rest, preview it and even list it before going back to edit it with the remaining photos, it just saves watching that circle going round for hours… If your 1st photo doesn’t load quickly, start again with another, it doesn’t seem to waste so much time then! :grin:

(Karen Ellam) #6

Arrrrgggghhh yes… The annoying whirly, twirly thing.
It started happening to me every time I tried to list a new item. It was so frustrating.
I started trying to upload photos before spending time writing the listing info.
Are you using a PC or a tablet device?
I use google chrome on my iPad and almost every time I get this annoying problem when uploading pics to a new item.
I now use Safari to upload and it works perfectly now everytime. The same for Craftjuice. For some reason that website also throws a wobbly when uploading using Chrome.


(Sarah Lambert) #7

Hi Karen, yeah I’m on Safari on my old iMac, I don’t have any other browser set up to compare with. Trouble while listing only seems to happen on here though, just tried to edit 2 listings and had to do both twice, it’s frustrating.