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? Problems with Pinterest

Is anyone else having problems trying to pin to Pinterest. I click the save button and it doesn’t link, just flashes on and then off the screen?

Yes it’s has been very unstable recently

Well blow me down, I’ve just tried again and it have saved the pin.


Its driving me mad that I can’t change the caption under the pic before I pin it to my boards. I hate to think people think Ive written what appears under some of my pins.

I always go into Pinterest once a day and can edit the pin etc…

If you have Chrome, I downloaded a pin extension. It is so much easier as I was always having problems the normal way. I now just open the page I want to pin and click the Pin symbol on my taskbar. Much easier and quicker too. x

I’ve always found when I’m having issues with pinterest if I clear its cookies and cache it starts behaving much better.

Thank you Sasha @SashaGarrett , Claire @kernowclaire and Clare @GrimmExhibition for your help, it’s now working ok for me.

Hey everyone, I have had trouble too, also can’t claim my shop on pinterest, Yet my Etsy store was no problem.