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A Pinterest question


I wondered if any of you lovely sellers could help me.

I’ve set up a business account on Pinterest, added some pins and gone into the analytics section. Clicking on ‘Confirm Website’ gives an ‘On Response Error’.

Went into my settings and my website address is there, but when I clicked the confirm website button, got the same error.

Tried to copy and paste the link to my Folksy shop again and it won’t save - it just saves a blank box.

Any ideas? I’m probably being an idiot.

I don’t think that you can link it to your Folksy shop

Thanks Ali, at least it wasn’t me being stupid :grin:

I’ve managed to link my folksy shop to pinterest and pinterest back to folksy - if you don’t manage to get the instructions on the other thread about pinterest to work then let me know and we can compare accounts to see if there is something different, I’m not sure what sort of account I have. I couldn’t get the confirm website bit to work but the link worked fine without doing that.

I’ve linked my individual items to my Folksy shop!! I have a board called My Paintings and on the individual pins of the items that I have for sale in Folksy I have gone to Edit and added the link to my Folksy shop under Website. I need to check the link back now but hope that helps :sunflower:

Thanks for your help - I think I’ve managed to link Pinterest to Folksy and Folksy to Pinterest. It wouldn’t accept the https:// bit, so I changed it to www. which seems to have worked :slight_smile: