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Product Options?

I know this question has more than likely been discussed many a time but will Folksy be allowing us product options at any time in the future?

It would be extremely handy for myself and I’m sure there are many other people who would benefit from it too.

It can be quite frustrating receiving orders when buyers haven’t selected a colour for instance. Out of the orders I’ve received here on Folksy there’s only been around 2-3 people who’ve actually left the info required for their item.

I’ve had to email each individual customer after completing their purchase to ask. It can be very time consuming and I always like to get started working on peoples orders a.s.a.p so I can have their packages dispatched in a timely manner. This is difficult to do when waiting on replies.

Thank you x

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Having listing variations would be soo useful - there is a request over on the user voice that you can put your support behind but I don’t know when we might get our request.

I sort of solved the problem by separating out all the different colour options does mean I have a lot of listings to wrangle.


Yes, I would love product options AND a box on the order page where customers can add text, like personalisation details for example.

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Thanks for replying ladies & for the link Sasha @SashaGarrett . I’ve just posted. x

Fact, that could be helpful, specially when customer likes design but wants different colour or even just different shade of colour we have in offer/photo.

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I second that @TobisiasLilThing x