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Can you add item specifics to listings?

(Busy Bs Paper Cuts) #1


I’ve just joined Folksy and have started filling my shop with my makes. I haven’t seen an option when creating the listings, but just wondered if you could add items specifics to listings? (i.e - different colour options for the customer to choose from)

Thanks in advance,


(Deborah Jones) #2

Hi No you can’t on Folksy, not as a clickable option.
You can tell the customer the options in the listing and they can message you their choice when they check out.
Often they don’t though so it is good to say what the default colour/ size will be if nothing is specified.

(Sally Lucas) #3

Deborah @DeborahJonesJewellery, I do like the idea of adding a default, I don’t currently do that. If I have options and the customer hasn’t given me their choice then I usually just get in touch but sometimes they don’t always respond. In those instances, it would be useful to have it stated in the listing what the default is.

(Deborah Jones) #4

Sally @LifeCovers I found this too, I offer earrings on hoops or hooks, and would regularly get no choice stated, so now have the default and it saves delaying posting, having it written seems to prompt people to leave a message if they do have a preference too.

(Busy Bs Paper Cuts) #5

Thank you both, thought i’d not seen an option for it. I also have an Etsy shop and they do allow for specifics, so found it odd that Folksy didn’t. I’ve already popped a disclaimer on to say the default colour will be sent if no other colours are specified. Lets hope all goes to plan :smile: