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(Karen Ellam) #162

Hi Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880

Sorry. I didn’t peek at all your bookmark photos :blush: (slapped wrist) :wink:
It does look much better with a book in the shot.

I really need to redo a lot of my earlier photos, but it’s just finding the time.

Just keep at it, tweaking away, and finding the best light, gathering some interesting props and you will soon start to feel more happier with your product photos.


(Diane Burton) #163

Can anyone give me feedback on this photo please, only I’ve been told (on another thread) that it’s out of focus but it looks OK to me.

(Sasha Garrett) #164

Its what I would call soft focus rather than out of focus, the focus is consistent over the entire image but nothing looks like it is in sharp focus (I can’t tell what the camera was focusing on which will normally be sharp). If you use picasa there is a ‘sharpen’ feature (when you have selected the image, in the tabs on the left there is one that looks like a paint brush, if you click on this ‘sharpen’ is the first option) which might save you from taking the picture again. Did it feel like the camera was taking longer exposures than normal?

(Diane Burton) #165

To be honest I can’t remember if it was longer or not, I tend to take photos in batches so it can be a while between taking/editing and actually using them. Thanks for the tip on the sharpen feature, I do use picasa but never realised it had this feature (usually concentrate on getting the colours as ‘true’ as I can and cropping/straightening the images) I’ve been editing out the watermarks on my main pictures (apparently that limits your chance of getting in the gift guides) and have tried sharpening that image, it didn’t look much different but I’ll add it here so I can compare with the original

Just compared them and it does look a little better, I’m beginning to think I need to spend longer on photos than I do on making the cards :confounded:

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #166

I have the same trouble Diane @DeesDesigns. I’m going to have a photo session on Sunday.
Still trying to find a grey piece of card.
Might try some on wood or something like that.

(Sasha Garrett) #167

@hobbitgirlie1880 and @DeesDesigns I was talking with the other half about why you might have soft focus issues. His response was:

  1. motion blur (not holding the camera steady enough for the length of exposure, fixed by increasing light levels to shorten exposure or using a tripod)
  2. grubby or foggy lens (grubby lenses can be fixed by gently wiping with a soft cloth for specs, foggy lenses can be dried out by leaving the camera somewhere warm and dry)
  3. camera set to save low res images, allowing you to get more on your memory card but they might look grainy when viewed on a bigger screen (check your settings in your camera)
    Hope that’s helpful to you both.
    Sasha (and Richard)

(Dawn Sneesby) #168

Hi Dawn,

Looks much better on the dark background of the book and the props make it interesting. . I too spend more time on trying to get photos right than I do making.


(Hobbitgirlie1880) #169

Thanks dawn. He he he (sorry it feels funny.calling someone else dawn)

I have retake that photo but I cleaned my camera lens like suggested by @SashaGarrett and put my phone on a box to hold it steady and this is what

Is this better

Can anyone tell me if this looks better.

Photos in my shop
(Kim Blythe) #170

Just wondered what everyone thought of this picture…does the scarf distract you from the bag and maybe get people wondering what is for sale…or does it enhance the photograph and give it more of a ‘Lifestyle’ shot.?


(Wanderings) #171

Love your use of the pebble! :slight_smile: Been thinking of getting some for my jewellery photography too :slight_smile:

(Wanderings) #172

I LOVE the use of the book! :slight_smile:

(Sasha Garrett) #173

To me the scarf works in terms of colour and style (make sure you state in the listing that it is not included) but could you drape it more loosely around the bag to conceal the join between base and back drops of your back ground and not hide the bottom of the bag.

(Kim Blythe) #174

Thank you Sasha…I may have another go with the photograph when I get home from work and see what I can do.


(Detola and Geek) #175

(cindyheadley) #176

Sometimes I get a good shot, sometimes I don’t, British weather so unpredictable and never the same for more than ten minutes.

(Lisa Harrison) #177

Sorry to say hun, but it looks a bit out of focus. Maybe you need to get the bookmark in the middle of the screen to get it to focus properly, then slide over to get the shot composition you want

(Lisa Harrison) #178

Regarding bookmarks, which background do you guys think is better? Is the text too fussy or does it add interest?

(Sasha Garrett) #179

I think with the text but zoom out a bit to show the whole bookmark and then words wouldn’t grab my attention (maybe a smaller print book?)

(Lisa Harrison) #180

Thanks, I’ll take that on board when I next refresh my photos.

(René Trewern) #181

Hi all!

My shop has come to a total standstill and I was wondering if I should tweak the way they look. I’ve been using the clean-cut way, but maybe I should be photographing in natural settings

See what you think?

Any advice welcome