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Professionally printed cards...Allowed?

(Julia Laing) #1

Hi, I’m returning to folksy after an absence of a few years and will be selling mainly handmade textiles, accessories, textile art etc. I’d also like to sell greetings cards, which I’ve had professionally printed. They feature photographs of my own work. I also did all the photoshop to create the designs, so they’re all my own work apart from the printing. Just want to check if these are allowed on Folksy before I proceed. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #2

If it’s all your own original work, then it’s fine to have them professionally printed. That’s what I do with my cards.

(Julia Laing) #3

That’s brilliant Stephanie, thanks!

(Diane Burton) #4

As far as I know then yes they are allowed, there are a couple of artists on here that I’ve seen selling cards featuring their own art work so they might be in a better position to answer, if you’re in any doubt contact support for advice.

Crossed threads with you Stephanie :slight_smile: I guessed someone would know better than me

(Julia Laing) #5

Thanks for your help Diane, much appreciated :slight_smile:

(Heidi Meier) #6

Hi there - yes it is allowed if you are reproducing your own original work. Ditto for prints, which I also do. Prints and cards are a brilliant way for people to buy affordable versions of the original artwork or photographs (which are also allowed). There are a huge number of artists who do this so no worries for you and good luck with your work.