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Question for jewellery designers

Has anyone used Preciosa bicone or pearl beads in the past and would you recommend them? I’m thinking of creating a collection just for bridesmaids and wanted to cut the cost by swapping from Swarovski to a cheaper bead to make the price more competitive than my bride’s jewellery (which is always made in Swarovski). Also - the site I’ve found that sells a good range is Crystals to Shine - has anyone used them, are they reliable??

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I like Preciosa- I think they’re moreorless on a par with Swarovski but you may think differently. (I have some teardrop crystals I can give you if you want to try them to see what they’re like before you buy). Just let me know :slight_smile:

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Thanks Sarah, that’s good to know - I noticed the colours were pretty much the same, but they’re over half the price, perfect for bridesmaids. Thanks too for the offer of the sample - it’s really kind but I wouldn’t want to raid your stash :slight_smile:

Chings beads on e-bay may be worth you taking a look,reliable seller I have ordered some little mandrels in the past and very quick.

I love swarovski and have found it very hard in the past to find a really high quality substitute. I say just get a small amount to see how they look before committing.

I can tell the difference, but preciosa are a good value alternative.

Yes I have! If you look at these two earrings the crystals are Preciosa Firepolish. The edges of Preciosa bead are not as sharp as Swarovski and the pearls do not come in Swarovski’s enormous range of colours but they are extremely good.

As everybody knows, brides don’t want to spend very much on their bridesmaid’s outfits and they might like the idea that they have Swarovski and the bridesmaids don’t!

I got mine from either Spoilt Rotten or Cooksons, so I don’t have any experience of the site you mentioned, but I would say you are definitely on the right track!

Sam x

I have used preciosa beads and I think they are good quality x

Thanks James - I follow Chings Beads on Google+ and never thought of checking them out :slight_smile:

The supplier I found only supplied them in packs of 24 minimum, but James has given me another supplier so if I can buy just a few, I think you’re right, it’s what I do. I love Swarovski too and have always used them. When I had my own website I built my own colour charts, photographing every colour (in both shapes). I can now name most colours at a glance - not a transferable skill but one I’m proud of :wink:

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Thanks Rhiannon - that’s what I was hoping for :+1: :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting the picture Samantha - it’s really helpful to see the beads in action :slight_smile: I love the earrings by the way - one of my favourite things is to combine Crystals and natural stones and I love the colour combination of these (I’m also bias because I love peacock pearls).

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Thanks Diane - everyone’s comments have been so helpful, I think I have the basis for a new bridesmaid’s collection :relaxed:

Thanks Karen! I love peacock pearls too-any excuse to use them really :wink:

Sam x