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Who wants to be included in my next jewellery blog?

Hi there, my name is Sharon and I have a shop Miley’s Gems London on folksy selling real leather items of jewellery. Choker, necklaces and cuffs as well as some feather items. Email me at

Get your item featured in Mileys Gems London Blog Spot

In next weeks blog I am featuring 5 shops in conjunction with my items of jewellery.I am looking for anyone who make and sell items that would fit with my handcrafted jewellery items. Anything that would fit with beaded necklaces bracelets and earrings or leather chokers and cuffs? The theme this month is moncohrome so anything black or white or black and white.

The blog post will include one photo (so make it a great one) and a link to the item in your shop and hopefully this will bring you some visitors/views and dare I say it; customers! This in turn would help my back links to my website and kick start website visitors. I will share the blog on Instagram,Twitter, Pinterest and my business page on Facebook. You can also share it on your website and social media and gain some interest, followers, clicks ,likes or sales.

All you need to do is send me a photo of a black or white item of clothing or accessory that you are super proud of. I will then share with you my thoughts on the item of jewellery from my stock that I would like to feature with your item. Once agreed I will add it to the blog. You will be able to proof read it before it is published. I am assuming that I am going to get far more requests than 5 so I will have to be ruthless in choosing which 5 shops items will be included in the blog but will run another in about a months time.

Email me at

Have a great day Sharon

A black and white Murano glass jewellery set with black Swarovski crystal beads - always loved this set (have also made a red and a blue one). The beads are black and white polka dot which is unusual for Murano glass.

Hello and thank you for your submission. I will be in touch soon ☓

Thank you for your submission I will be in touch soon Sharon x

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[] stonezandco Alexandra Jackson
May 21
Blue Apatite Crystal and Fine Silver Heart Pendant Necklace

Scrumptious, raw blue apatite set in pure, .999 silver. This pendant would be perfect for “something blue” to wear at your wedding, or as a token of love for someone special. Choose from high-quality leather lace or silver chain. All of my je…

Dear Alexandra

Thank you for your interest however I am looking for handmade clothes and accessories for this project.

Best wishes


Dear Muraqnomagic

Thank you for your interest however I am looking for handmade clothes and accessories for this project.

Best wishes