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Smells that make you go eugh

(Sarah Lambert) #1

While shopping in Sainsbury’s today I kept passing a man who was wearing a coat that smelled strongly of mothballs. I can’t stand the smell of them, they actually make me feel sick.

Anyone else have a smell they can’t abide?

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #2

sweaty people and smokers!

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(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #3

I’m perfectly fine with the smell of Jam Doughnuts you can buy from the super market, but the smell of Doughnut shops or vans in car boot sales, fun fairs and in shopping centers… i don’t know if it’s the smell of the oil or what but it turns my stomach. Its almost too sweet, It’s just one of those weird ones that no-one understands.

Also- Bacon in the morning.
I have never been able to stomach the small of Bacon cooking first thing in the morning. I LOVE bacon, and the smell is delicious at all other times of the day, but not first thing in the morning.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

all three of the above
Also I can’t stand the smell of coffee, peanut butter, and the smell of the Japanese food bar in my local shopping centre. I can’t walk down that part of the shopping centre without wanting to vomit due to the coffee bars and that Japanese food bar.

(Susannah Ayre) #5

Sweaty people when you pass them in the street or a shop- it makes me feel ill.
I also hate the smell of bacon and places like macdonalds/burger king. I think it all just smells of burnt fat.

Also- can’t bare the smell of hot tar when it’s being laid on roads/roofs. It gets into the back of my throat and just makes me feel really sick to my stomach. Other people seem to like it though!!

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(Hobbitgirlie1880) #6

I can’t stand the smell of lots of stuff. it’s going to sound really odd but toilet blocks make me feel really sick.
And alot of air fresheners too.

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

I know what you mean about MacDonalds/Burger King/toilet blocks and most air fresheners yuk yuk yuk

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(Julie Maginn) #8

Coffee, garlic and peas!!! :mask:

(Christine Shephard) #9

I’m with you on the doughnut vans (or donuts, as they insist on spelling it) @twinkleandgloomart. I think it’s a really sickly, unpleasant smell - I don’t understand how anyone can even think of eating them!

Most air fresheners are pretty unpleasant too - they all smell the same to me!

But I love the smell of garlic :smile:

(Linda Wild) #10

I can’t abide the smell of cold chicken! But … I do love the smell that emanates from doughnut ( donut ) vans - sorry! :wink: I love the smell of coffee and vanilla - not together I might add - and I’m going to be really weird now, but I adore the smell of new born babies…

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(Susannah Ayre) #11

I love the smell of garlic- not on a persons breath or anything! Haha just freshly chopped. I also like the smell of freshly ground coffee despite hating the taste. Hahah

Those horrible false air fresheners are nasty though.
I like the smell of the oil burner oil that the body shop sell though. I buy those- the pomegranate one is nice.

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(Deborah Jones) #12

Fish shops, I have to cross the road to get past and TCP turns my stomach.

I love coffee , garlic and tar though - good job we are all different .

(Paula Rayson) #13

Raw fish, coffee, wet dog, dark spirits like whiskey, possibly because I’m allergic to them, the shop Lush, I almost have an asthma attack walking past them, especially in an enclosed shopping centre, Lynx deodorant. I have almost gone psycho on Pupils who spray it in my classroom, again can cause an asthma attack, and is hardly appropriate to do in my Maths room, have to open all windows to try and rid the stench, sweaty teenager is preferable!

(Rhiannon Rose) #14

Lynx does it for me too. I had a child removed from my class due to excessive use of it: it was February and I had to open all the windows and the door (making a freezing draught) and stop my lesson to use my inhaler!

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(JollySmall) #15

I hate the smell of peas too (glad I’m not the only one, Julie)! I also can’t stand the smell of beetroot boiling or anything pickled.

But worst of all, try living with a son who plays ice hockey three times per week! His body armour, gloves and skates could stun a man at thirty paces!!! It used to live in the garage when he was still at home alongside all the bottles of Airfreshener!!
Di :sweat_smile:

(Donna) #16

I don’t like the usual stuff, sweaty smokers, unwashed clothes ect but there is on smell I hate when I go shopping. In Telford town centre there is a stall selling little pots of hot sweetcorn, something I’d love to eat but it just smell awful! Oh and I hate the Parma violets perfume and bay rum aftershave I sell in my other shop. That is personal preference though not because they are unpleasant lol

(Roz) #17

Cooking liver! Once tried to make my dogs some dried liver treats - nearly had to move out of the house for the smell! Never again.

I also have a phantom smell that comes and goes - its apparently not real as no one else can smell it (Drs think its something neurological!) - I wouldn’t mind but its a terrible musty type smell, a bit of a mixture between burning and mouldy towels! Sometimes its so bad I can hardly breathe.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #18

It’s almond essence that does it for me, ugh!
So we put a layer of chocolate on our Christmas cake,then pile on the icing!!!
Suzzie x

(Julia K Walton) #19

The smell you get walking past a butchers shop - ugh!

I also cooked our old dogs up some tripe in the microwave once - never again - it was the most repulsive smell ever. They loved it, of course!

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #20

At our local tip there is a huge wall and then a very large crater into which you throw garden waste such as grass, bushes etc. In the summer it smells so bad that I have actually hold my breath when dumping stuff as it actually makes me gag !!!