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Annoyances which disturb your crafting

(Joy Salt) #1

A lovely afternoon despite the strong gusty wing and occasional heavy, April (?) showers.
There I am, totally relaxed and happily crafting away in my studio (oops I mean garage)…singing to myself and listening to the lovely songs of the birds… when,… Zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzz Zzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and the lovely lad from across the road has started up his strimmer.

5 minutes in and I’ve gone to pieces, glass flying everywhere (except where I want it to) and nerves on a knife edge.

Is the sound of a strimmer just about the most irritating noise you can have when you’re crafting … or has someone got a worse one ?

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Leaf blowers are worse. At least there’s a point to using a trimmer but the noise/air pollution of leaf blowers drive me demented. First gust of wind and the leaves are all back where they started anyway!

(Fiona Thomson) #3

my most annoying thing is that all of my neighbours have their Stuff delivered to my house knowing i work from home!
i don’t usually mind, but it’s a pain when i’m actually engrossed in sewing and have to get to a “good” (safe) stopping place, switch things off and get downstairs to sign for it… and then i get disturbed again when the neighbours come round for their packages.

(i have to switch everything off because i once left the iron on for 3+ hours while best neighbour and i got gossiping!)

(Lois Bell) #4

most annoying thing for me is our two cats campaigning for their tea, which they get at 4pm, from 2pm onwards. It involves wailing, whining, knocking things over, jumping up onto my work in progress, head butting and purring and drooling and generally being “in yer face”.

It usually means I cave in before 3pm…

(Christine Shephard) #5

Yep, definitely the parcel couriers and cats drive me up the wall, but even more irritating are the kids next door, screaming at full volume as they ‘play’ in the garden - how they reach those top notes, heaven knows, but they would surely shatter your glass Joy :smile:

(Emma) #6

Mine has to be Windmill the Guinea Fowl. I had heard Guinea Fowl were supposed to be good lookouts for foxes on the prowl, so when I got the opportunity to rehome one I thought she would be an investment in flock security… Only she’s on a hair trigger, so every time I hear her I think it could be a fox, drop everything and rush out, only to have her bat her eyelashes at me and stroll off. This happens numerous times during the day, I’m beginning to think she’s an attention seeker! :slight_smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

I totally agree I don’t see what use they are? If you want to move the leaves use a broom and shovel.

Mines unsolicited callers trying to sell me something on the door step or the dog deciding it’s lunch time, barking and bashing his food bowl around.

(Silverspiral) #8

Oh it has to be the sodding phone, just when i’m at that crucial moment or when i’m concentrating and ring ring ring ring grrrrrr!! and I just cant let it ring so have to bounce into the room maddened, but a sweet Hello, then it’s usually someone wanting nothing important lol

(Jo Sara) #9

I think next door to us have installed a tumble dryer, right against the ajoining wall that my desk backs onto. The rumbling drives me mad. It’s not constant, it’s intermittant. It’s almost like Chinese water torture and that drip you know is coming. Rumble, stop, rumble, stop. Awful.


(Yvette ) #10

One of my neighbours loves sitting in his car outside his house, playing his music really loud. It is sooo ANNOYING :frowning:

(Roz) #11

Screeching children has to be the worst. I don’t mind the sound of kids playing , laughing and singing etc its just that high pitched shriek that gets my back up! Even my kids learnt at a very young age that that was one thing I couldn’t tolerate!

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #12

unexpected visitors! Oh We will just pop in and see Diane she doesnt go out to work she will be in!
I would love to say to them sorry you cant come in today as I have a huge order from folksy and I need to do them today!

(Kylie Tilley) #13

Builders using a chain saw is annoying especially at 8am

(Janine Loretta Getty) #14

Cats. Just cats. Always cats.

Or people texting me/sending me messages on Facebook.

(Fiona Thomson) #15

foreign call centres, solar panels, or double glazing salespeople pretending you made an appointment?!!!

(Diane Burton) #16

At the moment it’s a rather stupid collared dove that seems to think that where the telephone wire meets the house (just outside the window in my craft corner) would be a great place to build a nest! There is an almost constant “coo coo” outside the window as he/she tries to attract a mate and the only way to move them is to open the window then slam it shut again, but 5 minutes later they’re back!! Unfortunately my craft corner is in our bedroom so several times I’ve be woken at the crack of dawn (literally) by the noise of him/her practicing chat up lines :frowning:

(Diane Burton) #17

On our phone I can see the number of the person calling, if I don’t recognise it and it isn’t a local call I ignore it, if they really want to speak to me they can leave a message on the answer machine, it does seem to have cut down on the amount of nuisance calls we get.

(Sarah Lambert) #18

Lots of things tend to stop me but at the moment it’s gardening jobs, very full on, and there’s a necklace that I’m dying to make, it’s all there in my head and I’ve got all the supplies for it, but by the end of the day when I’ve got the time I’m just too tired to do it :frowning:

(Silverspiral) #19

@fionaT no Fiona it’s mainly the children :smiley: … who should know better :wink:

@DeesDesigns Diane i hear that every morning, I’m practically surrounded with the neighbours trees, but i do love the morning songs, think i may record it all and use it a winter pick me up :slight_smile:

(Sharonj19) #20

I would just love to have a few hours of undisturbed sewing time. Because I have a part time job I have to fit sewing in around everything else, so even though I get home at lunchtime I still have the dogs to walk, and to fetch the kids from school in the afternoons and then there are all the other things to do. Thank goodness I work at a school so I have regular holidays.