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I have just delivered a commission design to a customer, but as it was a personal one I wouldn’t feel comfortable listing it if that makes sense!
Anyway just thought it would be nice to share any commissioned products that you have made, that you haven’t listed…
Here’s mine to start off :heart:


Great Idea! My son (9yrs old) commissioned a gift for his teacher so I made him this. Fabric apple with lavender to help with those stressful classroom events!

I’ve today completed a black velvet box cushion for the lid of a wooden box used to store chess pieces. This was for my brother in law, who collects antique chess sets. I hate sewing with velvet though! I also made a cushion for my son with “Keep Calm and GO TO SLEEP” on it for his birthday last year, again at his request.


Aw that is cute! Love it :smiley: I don’t sew at all, so I am very impressed!

This is a recent bridal commission I did for a friend of a friend…

I was shown a photo of her dress (cream lace) and shoes (sage green and pale gold), given a fabric swatch of the other bride’s jacket (blue green shot silk), told the theme was vintage and asked to make something that would tie in with everything! The photo doesn’t show it very well but the rainbow moonstone had a blue green flash with golden bits round the edges on a creamy white ground so worked really well and the joy of bespoke is that I fitted it to sit perfectly with the neckline of the dress. Everyone loved it and I got a mention in the speeches for my efforts.
Next up I’ve been commissioned to make some fordite cufflinks as a surprise wedding anniversary present but the lady who commissioned them is confident her hubby will like them so fingers crossed she is right.


Sasha, that necklace is really beautiful, a classic piece, indeed I think it takes great talent, creativity and a deep knowledge of the gems you are using, to take all that information and design such a perfect piece of jewellery.
The closest I get to a commission is for a specific colour bow tie on a bunny clothes hanger!
Suzzie x

Agreed! Such a beautiful necklace! I wouldn’t know where to begin making something like this!

Thank you both, very kind of you. I’m getting good at interpretting hand wavey descriptions, reading people’s responses and occasionally nudging them in the direction of something that would work better than what they think they want. The bride originally suggested a swarovski crystal that was a darkish blue that would work well with the silk jacket but would have been overpowering with her dress, thankfully I have a large (and ever expanding) stash of rocks so I could show her a moonstone which she loved but was the wrong shape so then it was just a case of finding the right one. I get a reasonable number of repeat customers because of this sort of attention to detail.

Beautiful commissions Folks

I made this Polymer Clay Jewellery set for a work colleague as she’s off on a cruise soon and wanted a set to match her new outfit for the formal night.

I really enjoyed making it :smile:


Ooh that is lovely! x

Afternoon. This is a lovely idea for a topic.

Here is one of my recent Custom pictures that I did for a 60th Birthday :smile:
I always make sure that I add their favourite drinks and food if there is any preference.


I’m finishing a larger custom order right now. Cushions and bunting for a nursery. I’ve been very frustrated with it to day as I’m almost finished however my back is bad as it seems I’ve trapped another nerve.

Plus on of the cushion covers I left next to my sewing machine to nip to the loo. On my return there was two yellow spots on the material. I know I left the French doors open and the windows open but where did the spots come from ???

So I’m now awaiting for it to dry after hand washing it. Thankfully the two tiny yellow spots have washed out.

Photos’ will follow once all it completed.

@EileensCraftStudio we get small yellow spots on our kitchen floor and window sills under the cob webs especially if they have been eating hover flies (I really should dust more often but they like to spin webs in the handles of the sky lights and I can’t reach there even with the long duster) - possibly worth checking for spiders webs or hoverfly landing sites (lamp shade?) over where the cushion covers were sat. Looking forward to seeing them. (the cushions not any spiders or hoverflies you might find)

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This is really great!

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Oh wow! I look forward to seeing it when you’ve finished! I’m sure all the hard work will be worth it :smiley:

Thank you Kam :blush: I was really chuffed with it. I love to get people’s personalities into my work. Their likes, hobbies etc.


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Just out of interest, what type of media do you use? x

Pen and watercolour.

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A friend recently asked me to make a crochet garland in purple and lilac… This is what I made!


That’s absolutely beautiful Teresa : )

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Love this too :grinning:

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