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What are you making at the moment?

(Kam) #1

Afternoon everyone!
So this is what I am designing at the moment! This is a commissioned design so I’m not sure yet whether it’ll be listed! I am loving the two font styles personally, I think I’ll use this more often!

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

Im soldering Xmas decorations, also have other things in the making, jewellery holders etc

(Roz) #3

Got a new order of wool today so might just start on some Christmas decorations over the weekend.

(Natasha de Vil) #4

I think the two different font styles really looks good. I’m currently trying to finish off some gemstone and glass bead necklaces to list.

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(Kam) #5

Great stuff! I can’t believe that it’s time to start thinking about Christmas! I’m holding onto the summer for as long as possible!

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(Kam) #6

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing the end result!

(Elaine) #7

Loving that Kam - it’s looking great.

I’ve been working on a commission for a Museum - all very exciting, and hard work too!


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(Grimm Exhibition) #8

Im in a Christmas frenzy, Ive been making cards n toppers.

I cant stop crafting today!!!

(For Eva Yours) #9

Lots of lovely things on here. I’m currently working on new ideas before I re-open my shop. Been trying out star designs for a while, can’t decide if they’ll become a garland or possibly fairy wands. I seem to have stars and sequins everywhere!!

(Kam) #10

Thanks! Wow, that’s awesome!

(Kam) #11

Lol @GrimmExhibition! I actually can’t think about Christmas - it’s too far away!

(Kam) #12

Lovely stars! I think a garland would look really nice :slight_smile: :smiley:

(CopperTobi) #13

Work in progress :slight_smile: Just my new bracelet :slight_smile:

(Kam) #14

Looking lovely! Looks like it takes a lot patience!

(Elaine) #15

Thank you :blush:

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(Tina Martin) #16

Looking great Kam, I’ve been painting ACEO’s today, hopefully take photo’s soon! :slight_smile:

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(Hobbitgirlie1880) #17

I’m currently working on Christmas decorations and Halloween bits and bobs.

(cindyheadley) #18

What I should be making is earrings…as usual I am distracted by rings.

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(Leathermeister) #19

I have some collars and cuffs in the dye studio, some Christmas items in design, Just been asked to take a stall at a bikers w/e in a couple of weeks so need to make sure I have some suitable items. Have a commission to finish off so think I am in for a busy weekend.

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(CopperTobi) #20

A bit Kam :slight_smile: Is not that bad if you have all beads prepared (not me) :slight_smile:

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