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What are you working on

I thought it might be fun to say what we are all working on at the moment …

I tend to have a couple of projects on the go at the same time …

I have a couple of new ideas for my hand-painted cards and a small commission project too … but my main project at the moment is going to be some new pieces of Art In wax on wood panels but larger than I have done before … this will be an ongoing project so over the next couple of weeks but I have got started this weekend on the preparation and have three larger panels now masked and with two coats of encasutic gesso on … so nearly ready for me to start painting onto …

What are you working on …


Hi! I handmade this christmas sack a few days ago, i am currently working on personalising it for a customer. The item is not listed in my shop at the moment but can be ordered via my facebook page.


I got engaged recently (yeay :)) and my parents are throwing an engagement party for us with a mexican theme. We are making all the decorations and food ourselves and I am making these little fiesta hearts as party favours only about another 30 to go!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I am working on a few still life paintings incorporating bits of my mum’s doilies. I am rather pleased with the result, I hope my mum won’t mind :smiley:


Im trying to to add images but they wont upload:o(

Woohoo, I tried a different searchy enginey thingy(I usually use google but used Firefox and it worked.)
. Im soldering a glass diorama with a sewing theme, some bits glued in, others not.

And this is a hangy gingerbread man I finished yesterday.


I’m working on two things at the moment but one’s on hold as I’ve run out of varnish. It’s some coat racks once they are ready they’ll be going into my shop.

I’m also working on a new crochet pattern for a little baby crochet jacket. It’s been ripped out a number of times and one rejected piece is siting here looking at me. I see it as Research and Development work.

I think I’ve now written enough notes and know how I’m going to make it so here goes hopefully I’ll have a completed item for my shop in the next couple of days.

Just sold a Pineapple and Koala Tea Cosies and designing Edward the elephant tea cosy :smile:


I’m working on a couple of magpies. Got to have two! Drafted the pattern this week, did a dummy version, amended it and today started sewing them. Tomorrow will be feet and beaks! :smiley:


Lovely to see and hear about all your projects :slight_smile:

I have just finished some Christmas cards… and for the last couple of weeks have been working on a new Seaside range. I’m hoping to finish all the cutting stage this week and doing the first level sewing the week after. - Just a shame the sun is shining beautifully and the garden beckons…

I shall probably making a start on one of these but in Red for a customer who’s bought this one as well.

I am currently finishing a tote bag where I’ve cross stitched hearts on to them. Haven’t uploaded a picture of it as its not yet done. But I am also working on making 7 London keyrings for one order.
But I can’t upload them so you’ll have to come and take a look at my shop ;0)

I currently have 6 unfinished bags which I started months ago. They’re waiting for lesther straps. I have the leather, but for some reason I just keep procrastinating when it comes to cutting it.
Pictures on Facebook in the hope that voting for which one to do next will motivate me to finish one, at least!

I have these shells all dyed, cut out, filed, domed and ready to make something with, but I can’t decide whether they should be made in to a necklace or a bracelet :-/


Just finished these butterflies a replacement for a custom order that went missing in the post.



I’m never happy unless I have a few projects on the go . So I can dip in and out when I get a tad bored / frustrated with a particular item !!

I’m knitting an Alpaca blend cushion cover for a friends bday .

I’m designing a new unisex, crocheted infinity scarf for my shop .

I’m trying to take photo’s of a completed cushion cover to list in my shop , a beautiful duck-egg shade , but getting cross because the colour isn’t coming across quite right , grrrr !!

I’m also trying to decide what to stock and what not to stock any more !!!

Right I’ve had a breather , now I’m going to tackle the photography again :frowning:

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Oh that’s a pain when that happens. They look fab though.

I’m working on a new set of Post-Gym scrubs, bath soaks and muscle massage oils to ease aches and strains and leave the skin soft, smooth and polished…I hope. I have my testers waiting. :smile:


I’m making some more men’s toiletry bags as they’ve all sold out! Slightly different this time, as products can always be improved. It’s very slow going too, as I have a 9 month old to look after. Managed to grab an hour to cut out all the fabric, then 20 mins just to iron seam allowance, then 20 mins to iron on vilene, and a bit of time last night to organise the surface features. I’m just having to learn that Rome wasn’t built in a day!