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Red Kite (bird of prey)

Had a nice surprise I was doing a bit of work in my overgrown veggie plot when I looked up and saw a Red Kite hovering above me. I’ve never seen one over our estate before I know they are making their way in our direction from Reading.

This is one re introduction that’s really working, they are spreading :smile:


We saw three in Surrey a few weeks ago when we were walking on the River Wey. When we go to Birmingham on the motorway, there can be lots of them near High Wycombe. Apparently they have been known to take soft toys from gardens, so keep your teddies close! :slight_smile:

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We get quite a lot of Red Kites here but I never tire of the sight of them :slight_smile:

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Wow how wonderful! Can’t wait for springwatch to start on Monday!

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It was on the local news that 5 have been found killed in Yorkshire recently, I can’t understand why people would do that :persevere:

Glad to see they’re are spreading, such lovely birds. I’m in Reading and see up to 6 or more daily and now fly very low now.

We have one that flies over here from time to time, we went to Machynlleth a couple of years ago and saw them chasing a tractor which was turning the hay over. There was at least 20 of them! It was one of the most amazing sights I’ve ever seen :grinning:

We are very lucky to have a huge population here on the Hampshire Berkshire border. We see them low over our house daily and often joke that if we stand too still for too long, they might think we have popped our clogs and come for a nibble! They are stunning birds and we love them.

Oh no, What is it with some people :frowning:

Tina you’re not that far from me then, my hubbie works in Reading.

Looks like they’re getting closer to me! Maybe by next year there will be some in Sussex :smile:

Sam x

Great to see other Folksy people in this part of the country!:smiley::smiley:

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Gosh we have masses of them (on the Ox Bucks border). I generally see a few every day. They’re always circling overhead, sometimes 2 or 3 at a time (at which point you can guess there’s probably something interesting on the ground). I’ve seen the crows and blackbirds fight them off too, which is interesting. When we first moved from London I was fascinated. Now I rather take them for granted I’m afraid, but they are lovely to watch.

We have them in Herts, was walking into St Albans town centre on Sat, when one was tree height above my head, was quite unnerving to see one that close, it was swooping, then flying back up, then did a final swoop into road next to me where it collected a beak full of road kill and flew off Only wished I was ready with camera, but it took me by surprise.

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They have reintroduced them in Yorkshire where my brother lives and you can sit in his conservatory and watch them flying overhead. My favourite birds are the skylarks which we hear on our frequent visits to Norfolk.


I live in Reading Eileen and we have them every day above us. There is a family at the end of mums road who obviously put something out after a Sunday roast as you can watch them all circling and then swooping into the back garden. I did try once but gave up watching after 90 mins so went to the loo, when I came back by bait had disappeared from the garden !!!


I hope the ones near your brother aren’t among those I’ve seen on Look North news as being found killed.

So do I! Especially as the re introduction has been such a success in their area.

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yah another Folkyisan near me :smile: It’s great they are now spreading further.