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Selling up

(Sue Edmondson) #1

I have been so busy with my one to one machine embroidery lessons, it hasn’t left any time for making anything new, so I have decided to sell up and close my shop. I am open to offers on job lots.

Sue of LTC Lancashire

(Pauline Hayward) #2

That’s a real shame you’ve not found time for making new things and have decided to close your shop, but I wish you every success in your other venture.


(Sue Edmondson) #3

Thanks Pauline, it might take a while to sell off all my stock, but to be honest I am really enjoying the one to one embroidery lessons much more than I ever did selling.


(Pauline Hayward) #4

At least you’ve found something you enjoy doing. Good Luck.
I seem to be selling more on FB than I do on here right now.


(Sue Edmondson) #5

Oh yes I am enjoying myself immensely.
I too have found I have sold more via FB mostly from private messages lol


(Stephanie Pearce) #6

oooh interesting, Sue, I’ve sent you a message on facebook


(Sue Edmondson) #7

Stephanie I have sent you a reply :0)

(Diane Keeble) #8

Good luck with your new venture x

(Sue Edmondson) #9

Thanks Diane :smile: