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(Sian ) #1

A place to talk about art, craft and what you’re making.


  • This is a place to talk about art and craft techniques and methods
  • We kindly ask that you do not post promotional threads in this category. If you want to promote what you’re listing, or any Special Offers, use the Showcase category.
  • Please always be courteous and constructive
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(Kitilea) #2

Hi and thank you for having me. My name is tina and I mainly love to upcycle, reuse and make sparkly bitz too. This weekend I have been really busy papered my fake fireplace painted and waxed a mirror to go above it and repainted a wall unit ready to wax. Tomorrow will probably be much the same x

(Suzie art) #3

Hi thanks for having me. Iam new to folksy so I am trying to figure out share to go and meet others. Iam currently working on baby blanket its sort of like tapestry you crochet picture?its taking me over month. Its 150 x 200 rows its baby blanket I hope I will manage to finish it soon still got 79 rows to go😊