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Rogue shops attn Admin

Every Monday we end up with a plethora of shops selling second hand, not handmade. Today a vacuum cleaner, hanging chair, apple cables and more. That was just the first page.

I know other sellers are getting fed up with this makes Folksy and those of us trying to make a living look bad.

Can a vetting process be looked at now or admin checking over the weekend.


I totally agree Caroline. I have been reporting shops almost every day but they are still there, weeks after being reported- Pandora charms, mass produced jewellery, Nike products, electronics, ear buds etc etc etc

I feel that there is a danger of honest shops losing confidence in Folksy and closing their shops unless something is done about this - we are taking our time to try and help admin by reporting them, but if nothing is done within a sensible time scale, I for one am feeling ignored and I know from other threads I am not alone!

Thanks for starting this thread @Caroleecrafts if this is allowed to continue Folksy will be the same as EBay and buyers will stop visiting!


Is there a button for reporting shops on shop pages? If so, I can’t find it. Maybe that would help make it easier for more of us to report so that admin can be alerted by more people?


For your attention @folksycontent @Folksyadmin


There is a button but against the items. A report button for a shop has been requested. These shops however, need to be stopped before they open. Yes we report but can take ages for them to be removed.


There is a button to report an item, but not an entire shop, and I think where all items for sale are obviously not Folksy friendly, then there should be a mechanism to report the whole shop. There are times when sellers genuinely have forgotten that certain items are not permitted to be sold, and the item button is useful then. But when it is apparent that shops have been set up solely to flout the rules and sell secondhand, imported or mass produced goods, or where the sellers are outside the UK, then there needs to be a mechanism for reporting the whole shop so that action can be taken quickly. These shops demean the whole Folksy ethos and don’t do the Folksy reputation any good at all, particularly when they are featured in ‘newest sellers on Folksy’ for everyone to see, and when they stay there for days or weeks.


Sorry Caroline, @Caroleecrafts I covered the same ground as your reply! Must have been both writing at the same time.

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Well said Caroline @Caroleecrafts it is getting beyond a joke now. Why can’t @Folksyadmin @folksycontent do something about this sooner. Can they tell us why it takes such a long time to remove a shop when it is clear that they are flouting the rules.


Definitely agree. @folksycontent and @Folksyadmin should have a shop report button and make it a priority to investigate and/or remove these sellers quickly. There are very few sites selling only genuinely handmade items (and craft supplies) and if Folksy don’t spend big on advertising, being a UK handmade site is the only thing we have going for us.


I totally agree - i have moved most of my shop to Folksy as the other site has just become like an offshoot of Ebay. I spend a lot of time trying to find links to goods which can be purchased elsewhere online and get disheartened when the shops are still there after a few days…come on Folksy it is hard enough to get sales as it is without these interlopers cashing in!!


I agree that screening would be good and in meantime If anyone has any votes left here’s the link to vote for a ‘report seller’ button. It has 40 votes already.


Please can you tell me how you vote and how many votes you get/have to use or allowed?
Is there information/link to read on voting and what you can vote for etc I have missed?
Apologies fairly new here (June) :grin:

I’m no expert so may be an easier way but i click through to it from the ‘Help and Support’ link at the bottom of the home page and then select ‘Knowledge Base’ (think you may need to set up a separate sign on for this as is on a different system bit like this forum is but it’ll prompt you). There’s a link to ‘Suggested Features for Folksy’ where you can post a new idea or vote on existing ones.

I think you get 10 votes to share between the things you want to vote for (can’t remember what the max is you can allocate to any one thing). Issue is that it can take a long time for ideas to be adopted depending on their complexity so it can take a long time for your votes to free up again, though you can always reallocate them.

It’s good to think about the likelihood of an idea being adopted in terms of the complexity, benefit and risk when voting e.g. I see there’s an idea on there suggesting a flag to individuals where they are listing something inappropriate (unfortunately would be unlikely to help with rogue shops as they’d just ignore) and it has 168 votes - presumably it is v. complicated to implement as would require an exhaustive list of everything inappropriate to be coded in so idea may sit there using up votes for quite some time.

It would be good if Folksy could do something with ideas that have a lot of votes to acknowledge them as heard (even if they can’t be implemented immediately) and free up the votes rather than have them just sit there - hmm maybe that’s an idea I should suggest… if I had any votes left that is :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Thank you so much @feelfeltfound for explaining this to me, and I expect to a few more new sellers who will benefit from reading this! :grinning:
I will certainly have a look, read and allocate my votes appropriately, including on this topic.
Your last bit actually does make sense too! :thinking: :grin:

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Hi there, just jumping on this thread. I’m one of the team captains for Folksy local North East and there are other regions across the country that now have their own groups set up, so if you haven’t signed up please think about joining your local group. I’m sure we can put forward suggestions as a group if that would help. I know not everyone uses the forum so maybe missing some information.

We have been talking about changes we’d all like to website and I know that Camilla and the team are working on a lot of things, hence the voting system so they can prioritise what is needed. @folksyhq - can you update the Forum?


That’s good if the team captains can help. I’m signed up to the Scotland group. I quite like the voting system (though I think a lot of people are unaware of it), it’s just that I have to rob Peter to pay Paul to free up votes as very little seems to move off the system. Hopefully things’ll start moving soon.

The main thing that’s getting folks riled up is the number of rogue shops that appear particularly at the weekend. While it would defo help, not sure a ‘report seller’ button alone would solve this Would it be feasible e.g. for regional team leaders to have access to hide rogue shops while they are investigated by Folksy do you think?

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Its a question for Folksy hq. As team captains we’re all volunteers and i personally wouldnt want to spend my weekend policing Folksy, if i had the time… Will try and pass on comments though


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I voted. (I think!) :blush:

nice one :grinning:

no problems, I imagine they’d like to keep it centrally controlled anyway :grinning: