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Royal mail non delivery

I had to do my first refund to day due to Royal Mail non delivery so upsetting.

Is there a way to get my folksy commission fee’s back does anyone know?

Aww that’s a shame, Eileen, that is upsetting. I don’t think we can claim fees back from Folksy but worth emailing support to ask I suppose.

So annoying, it will probably turn up when it’s too late. Don’t think you can claim from Folksy as it’s not their fault.

If you’ve completely refunded the order then you should be able to cancel it and get your fees reimbursed.

You were in that other thread that I had about a couple of my parcels being returned, Eileen. The oldest one was a month after I’d posted it, so it’s quite possible that yours is sitting somewhere waiting to be returned to sender. At least you’ll have it to resell if that happens.


@JoSara I do hope it returns eventually to me in good order so I can relist it. The lovely customer has said if it does eventually end up at hers she’ll mark it Return To Sender as I refunded her last night.

I spoke with the post office and they now consider it lost.
This is my 3rd parcel to go missing when posting to Bristol it’s like a big black hole. Thankfully the other 2 items were little Christmas tree decorations I sent as part of a Forum exchange I was running. Neither of them has been found and I sent those off on the 1st of November. I had to make new ones and thankfully I was up in Bristol visiting friends and was able to surprise hand deliver them.

Hi, I’ve had an undelivered item. It was sent on May 8th royal Mail First Class and still not received by the customer after 9 days. I have asked them to check if there is a card from the postman. The price of the item was £21.99. I have a proof of posting to the correct address.
I’m not sure what to do really. I could just make some more, although i don’t have a very high markup, I would lose at least £14 plus postage and fees.

You can claim the Folksy fees back by emailing Folksy support, including the link - copy and pasted from the top bar - to your order.
They are pretty quick at getting back to you and reversing the fees.

Sarah x

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@Bamboots Hi Rosie, I had a customer contact me about a non delivery (either the postie hadn’t left a card or they didn’t spot it) I went online and organised a redelivery of the parcel for them guessing it was sat at the depo waiting for collection (and since they never got in contact again I’m guessing that the redelivery worked). You can organise redelivery via
I guessed at the date on the card as being the date after I posted it as it was first class. If that doesn’t find it then its refund or replace and claim for a lost parcel from royal mail (they might only refund £20 but you should be able to claim back the folksy fees separately as Sarah says).


Ok, I have filled in the redelivery form, assuming they tried to deliver it on the day after it was posted and the card was lost. I will see what happens. :wink:

Thanks, BTW :smiley: