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Royal Mail parcel prices

(IridescentSnail) #1

I used the Royal Mail website and weighed my boxes, and then I typed in the weights and I got a better idea of what to charge for my delivery prices.

I just thought I pop the link here to the Royal Mail calculator just in case any of you peeps need something to help you gauge prices. Also, see what your products can fit in to save space and money on packaging such as using letter envelopes for small jewellery

(Bizzy Liz) #2

That’s very useful, thanks. I usually go around in circles on the Royal Mail site!

(Helen Smith) #3

I don’t know if anyone uses Royal Mail online to print their own postage? I noticed that when we have the annual price rise at the end of the month the RM online prices will be around 10p cheaper for parcels. Every little helps! Although of course you do have to pay for your own labels and ink…

(Bea Custodio) #4

Thank you!