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Rubber stamping ink help please

Ive recently got back into rubber stamping. I have a load of old ink pads of varying makes.
Ive tried to do some heat embossing but none of the powder sticks to the ink. Ive mainly tried clear versamark which I recall always being ideal for heat embossing.
All teh ink pads are great for just stamping, they all still seem “juicy” but do you think I need to invest in some new ink pads or am I doing something wrong?
What is the best ink to use for heat embossing?

Versa mark is what I use or basically any ink pad that is as you say juicy. What are you stamping onto, card or something else?

Yep, card.

Well unless your versa mark has dried out can’t suggest anything else!! Mine usually last a couple of years with heavy use. Otherwise you want any pigment ink pad not a dye based. It definitely is versa mark and not versa fine? What embossing powder are you using?

Ahh, yes, I did use versa fine, which was the worst. Il assume my versamark has run out and Il treat myself to a new one(its also not clear anymore so that’s another excuse to get a new one) Im using wow powders and heat it up.

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Versamark or any pigment ink should work.

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Yay, hopefully problem solved!! (Wow powders fab by the way)!!