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Safety regulations

(Rosecroft Crafts) #1


I have made a few soft dolls for my Folksy shop but I was wandering if they need to go through safety regulations. I explain on the description that they are designed for soft play only and are unsuitable for very young children. I have looked at other sellers dolls and they don’t specify that their items have been checked. Can anyone help?


(Margaret Jackson) #2

Yes, there are lots of safety regulations you need to comply with. I think there’s information in the knowledge base on Folksy about how to stay within the law. There are all sorts of tests you have to put your dolls through. Just saying they’re for soft play only isn’t enough.

(Roz) #3

Your best bet is to contact your local trading standards office. All soft toys must be CE tested and saying something is not suitable for young children or is not intended as a toy is not sufficient. If it looks like a toy and a child would play with it then it is a toy and must be tested!

I think a lot of people who sell soft toys (and other toys) are either unaware of the regulations or hope they can get away with it which to my mind is a bit risky and could result in your business being shut down or far worse if something actually happened to a child playing with one of your toys.

(Denise Hayes) #4

Rozcraft is correct, the design and materials need to be tested and approved. Then you can sell them with a CE mark/tag. Each time you change materials or the design, you have to test them. You can do some of the tests and self-certify but you have to make sure you have all the paperwork up to date from suppliers either way. If something went wrong, your insurance would be invalid and you could end up with a massive fine or worse.