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I received an email this morning from Folksy advertising Julia Davey. I love her work, so I clicked on the link and it was broken. Tried several times but it wouldn’t work. Not to be put off, I put Julia Davey into the search bar on Folksy and it came up with several other Julias but not Julia Davey. I then put in Julia Davey ceramics - nothing! So determined not to give up I tried jug and it came up with mugs and several other very odd items that had no relation to jugs. So I tried fox jug - no luck! Is the search bar broken? What’s happening???

Silly me - just realised why I can’t find her - she doesn’t sell on Folksy!

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She did at one point - if you search julia davey in shops and then click on the ‘all shops’ tab there she is at the top but since her shop has no stock it doesn’t appear on the on the default ‘in stock’ tab.

Thanks - it is Saturday morning and I don’t think I’m awake yet!

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You would have thought that given that the competion is being co run between folksy and kirsty’s handmade fair that they could have found a current seller on the site to provide the prize (but maybe none of us are exhibiting at the fair).