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(MadeintheTemple) #623

As a scarf lover it had to be this beautiful creation.
My word is doll

(Martin Shackleton) #624

Well this came up when I looked for dolls! More my style I think :rofl:

My word is dragons,with it being st George’s day yesterday!

(Christine E.) #625

This is beautiful…

My word is night.

(Mandie Bailey) #626

This gorgeous print

My word is eyes

(Zoe Fowler) #627

Look at these cute eyes!

My word is fire

(Christine E.) #628

Here’s a great hat…

I’m a Taurus, so my elemental word is earth…

(Claire Woodhead) #629

Love this by @SevenHands

My word is Pisces, my star sign.

(Sarah Seven) #630

Thank you Claire! Hugs xxxx

(Sarah Seven) #631

I think these are lovely. From


I love this stargazey card

My word is Fern

(Brenda Cumming) #633

I chose this because, not only do I love the item but I love the name of the shop…lol.

my word is blubells because I have them in my garden and they are just about to bloom…

(Suzzie Godfrey) #634

I love the way Hannah has hand painted the bluebell stem around the handle

My word is anemone

(Lynn Britton) #635

Such a pretty card

my word is hound

(MadeintheTemple) #636

Beautiful print.
My word is rope.

(Christine E.) #637

I was expecting to find one of these :slight_smile:

My word is freestanding.

(Zoe Fowler) #638

I think this is fun freestanding piece

My word is bicycle


I love this…

My word is elephant

(Suzzie Godfrey) #640

Made by Llsa @inthemaking-aprons
Love the pink and red combo xx

Next word is picnic

(Sue) #641

Perfect for a picnic

And my word is blanket (there are loads of them :blush:)

(Tina Martin) #642

So hard to choose a blanket, so went for this really cute teddy one by @linknits :slight_smile:

My word is, Sunshine (I wonder why) quick before it’s gone :smiley: