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(XStitcherJoss) #903

Lots of piggy banks, but I think these are the cutest.


My word is raindrops.

(Yvonne ) #904

Love this wall art by @EarthyGarden… never seen this shop before… nice! :slight_smile:

My word is solitude

(Wubsys) #905

I would love to be a part of this society :joy: three kids, dog, cat and partner learning the bass guitar means my membership is on hold though

Next search is ‘snail’

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(Dee Brett) #906

I love Meeshell!

My word is vine

(Mandie Bailey) #907

Love the colours in this silk hoop

My word is breeze

(XStitcherJoss) #908

What a fantastically breezy picture this is, by Tina @DaisyWings,

My word is Russia

(Christine E.) #909

These pretty earrings contain Russian glass…

My word is practical.


Great idea, very practical!

my word is Teddy

(Yvonne ) #911

So many adorable teddy bears but I’ve chosen this cute teddy flannel by @Caroleecrafts

My word is romance

(Caroline Nash) #912

Romance? so hard as so many beautiful ideas but chose tis pretty heart pendant

My word is nature

(Lynn Britton) #913

Love these pretty note cards

my word is saffron

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(Christine E.) #914

This is a beautiful handbound book…

My word is boat.

(Dee Brett) #915

This little boat by @thimbleville is adorable - love the little bird on top!

My word is origami

(Sweet Pea) #916

A lovely origami pouch!

My word is crest.

(Lynn Britton) #917

A stunning great crested grebe watercolour

my word is periwinkle

(Caroline Nash) #918

Periwinkle Vinca Minor

My word is lavender

(Jane Weaver) #919

I love this:

My word is azure.

(Christine E.) #920

I love the word azure…here are some rather lovely earrings…

My word is horses.

(Brenda Cumming) #921

this is so cute…

my word is Stars

(Yvonne ) #922

Love the colours on this print…

My word is mermaid