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Seeing red

(Roz) #1

Is it just me or are some dog owners just beyond irresponsible? Just taken my boy for a walk , on the way out we came across a man with two dogs both running free off lead. Now I’m fine with that but as my boy gets a bit agitated sometimes, especially if he feels he is being cornered by 2 dogs I popped him on the lead and walked on quickly. I was surprised on my return some 20 mins later to find one of the dogs still running around the field. I was concerned perhaps something had happened to its owner and planned to put my dog in the car and then have a look around. I then met a lady along the path who asked me about the dog as her husband had just had to do an emergency stop and narrowly missed hitting the dog.

Anyway the long and short of it was that the owner was located and said “oh I get fed up waiting for her, she makes her own way home”. Well this time she nearly didn’t and it could have resulted in a serious incident.

Sorry to rant but really wound up by this.

(Margaret Jackson) #2

That sounds desperately irresponsible! An accident could easily be caused by a dog running loose, and also the owner risks having his dog picked up by the dog warden as a stray if wandering around unattended. There’s also the issue of the owner not being around to pick up any of the dog’s poo it may leave lying around. So many reasons for it to be irresponsible. It’s sad for the dog too, not being walked properly.

(Sasha Garrett) #3

I completely understand your rant - I’m a cyclist and off lead dogs are a major hazard for us you just have to watch any cycle race to see how dangerous for both dog and rider that can be.

(Minerva) #4

I agree, some owners are really irresponsible. A couple of weeks ago, my brother had an accident while riding his motorbike as a dog attacked him. He fell and injured himself, but luckily, only lightly. I don’t know if that was a stray dog, but it must have had an owner at some point! Not to mention the ‘pressies’ left by dogs wherever.

(Samantha Stanley) #5

The problems some people have with getting their dogs to return on command are often down to one small thing. If you call a dog with an angry voice it won’t want to come back to you because it thinks it is in for some punishment. Dogs should always be called with a positive encouraging tone and then they will be much easier to control, and therefore safer, when off the lead. Also, when the dog returns it should be given lots of praise and told how good it is. It surprises me how few people realize this.

Love Sam x

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #6

I hate irresponsible dog.owners.
Especially when dogs aren’t on the lead
During half term I took my nephew’s for a walk seen as they had just moved and we thought we would have an explore.
Well walking up the road a dog comes running at us I managed to move both boys out of the way but the dog kept running round us.
In the end the dog knocked my youngest nephew off his feet so hard that he cut his head and arm bruised his knees and back.
Bow he is terrified of all dogs

The owner told me he was fake crying and wouldn’t put the dog on the lead.
I had to carry both boys one on my back (he’s 5yrs) and one in my arms (he’s 2yrs)
Away from the dog as it wouldn’t leave us alone and I couldn’t see if the younger one was okay.

(Liz Clark) #7

As a dog owner I cannot understand the mindset of someone acting so casual over their pet. My dog is a member of the family (we often refer to her as our third child!). Letting a dog make it’s own way home because you can’t be bothered to wait for it is unforgiveable. Some people need to think why they even have a dog if they can’t look after it properly. And as a car driver I would be extremely distressed if I hit a dog because of the irresponsible attitude of that owner.

(Christine Shephard) #8

Sometimes even on a lead they are dangerous - my elderly mum fell over one of those stupid extendable dog leads when the dog suddenly ran across her path. The dog owner was more concerned about her dog than my mum. Luckily she wasn’t badly injured, but fgs why can’t people just think!!

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #9

He couldn’t be bothered to wait ??? He makes sound like he’s waiting for his wife to finish putting her lippy !!!. I’m not a dog lover ( more to do with the fact that I’m a bit scared of big dogs rather than not liking them) but aren’t the owners supposed to be the boss. If she was on a lead then she would have no choice but go home when the owner decided.

(Roz) #10

I have to say my dogs aren’t angels, both rescues with various issues but I always try to take them for a run in places where there are unlikely to be other people/dogs. If theres a chance we might meet someone they stay on a short lead. My pet hate is other dogs running up to them and the owners saying “don’t worry they are friendly” - they may be but my two aren’t always and it can be difficult to keep them calm when other “friendly” dogs are jumping all over them.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #11

I can’t believe he walked away like that. Poor dogs clearly not looked after and narrowly avoided being killed.

We never have ours off the lead near roads. I get worried if I loose sight of him when walking over the heath and woodlands for more than 5 seconds. Thankfully he comes as soon as he’s called and is always rewarded.

I do strongly think that some people should not be allowed to have pets.

(Minerva) #12

Today I witnessed a dog running on its own in a busy street with lots of cars and getting hit by one. It got up immediately and start running away, so it was fine. But I was horrified by the sight and the sound. I’m surprised the driver was able to control his car and nothing further happened, even though there were quite a few cars behind him.

The owners of the dog appeared later and started looking for their dog…

(Lisa Harrison) #13

There are so many of them I have to dodge when I’m cycling round the local trails, can never tell when they will run into your path.
So glad I’m a cat owner!

(sejleather) #14

I have a large, active breed of dog, and it requires to be exercised off-lead in order to satisfy its energy levels, HOWEVER, I always call her in to me when I see someone ahead, even if that means calling her in several times in a walk. She comes to me every time (mostly cos my pockets are full of treats lol!).

I also call her in when I see a cyclist or child or lone walker or any other distraction. I do this as much for my own dogs safety as it is for the other person/cyclist etc. Most people acknowledge and thank me, yet others seem ignorant to my courtesy

Anyway, I see dog ownership as a huge responsibility and I take it seriously, some might say too seriously, but I couldn’t be any other way. :smile: