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Seeking mounting - probably a hanging rod

I’ve made a picture of a bird on canvas (about 25cm by 25cm) and I’m having real trouble finding a mounting for it. :-S

I think the best way of mounting it would be with a rod through a sleeve at the top, with a “string” in a matching colour attached to each end of the rod. I’ve not been able to find any sort of mounting rod at all. It may just be a question of search terms - or perhaps being creative with other materials… The work is quite heavy and covers the whole canvas evenly, so it needs something reasonably robust, but it doesn’t need weighting at the bottom to hang well.

Would be really grateful for any thoughts or advice :slight_smile:


I have hung a few things that way, you can buy wooden dowel in a variety of thicknesses and bind or drill the ends to attatch your hanging loop.You can add tassles or beads to make decorative finials. I have made driftwood ones in the past too if the art work suited a more rustic finish.
Not sure I have ever seen ready made ones for sale though.

I’m the same as Deborah - I’ve taken things into my local hardware shop so that I can hold them up to the various dowels they have so that I get one with the right proportions and length.

You could try a metal or wooden curtain pole or rod. That’s what I use to put my quilts on the wall. You can usually trim them to size and get them in different diameters and colours.