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Fine Art prints - different print options?

(John Stead) #1

Hi Guys

I am hoping to upload some Fine Art Landscape prints but whilst attempting to great a new item to sell but couldn’t find a way for the buyer to select a print option.

I would like to offer the following print options per Photograph:

  1. A4 Mounted (Fit 16x12 Inch Frame)
  2. A3 Mounted (Fit 20x16 Inch Frame)
  3. A4 Unmounted
  4. A3 Unmounted
  5. Mounted to fit A4 Frame

Is there a way of adding these options to a Photograph listing?

Cheers for any help

(Louise Grace Jewellery) #2

Hi John, unfortunately Folksy doesnt offer the use of variations. I’ve been hoping it’s something they will add soon though which for myself would let me offer different chain lengths in my jewellery designs.

I had a wee peek at your facebook page, you take some stunning photographs

(John Stead) #3

Thanks for that Louise, really nice to get feedback :smile: I have also been working on site/gallery/blog if your interested

I do hope they manage to include variations soon. Do you have a work around for different chain sizes atm, perhaps listing the same item multiple times with different sizes?

(Louise Grace Jewellery) #4

Sort of, I make my beaded chains to a standard length of 18 inches but offer to add an extension chain if someone wants it longer. They just need to leave me a note when they place the order. With pendants that are hung on chains I send 18 inch length chains but if anyone wants a shorter or longer one they just need to leave a note for that too. I think that might be putting buyers off though, would be so much easier for a customer to just click on an option :slight_smile: I also don’t charge extra for adding extra chain to try and keep payment complications to a minimum but I don’t know if that would work for you with adding mounts

Other marketplaces give you options for variations though but here I think you would have to use separate listings for each option

(John Stead) #5

Good workaround Louise.

I wonder if I should list each print size individually i.e

Print 1 (A3 Mounted - Fit 20x16 Inch Frame)
Print 1 (A4 Mounted - Fit 16x12 Inch Frame)

Think this might work? I’ll stick with the two popular sizes

(Louise Grace Jewellery) #6

Yeah I think that might be best, if you add your website to your listings that could maybe have other size and mount options too that could be your workaround for it.
I reckon the thing with Folksy is that it’s still establishing itself and the more it does then the more it will become viable to add these other options for us. Fingers crossed anyway

(Ronald Koorm) #7

The best way to do what you want is to have your own website and offer the options there.I assume you do that already. I use Photium, and it’s very flexible, designed for photographers but some jewellery crafters use it I think. Folksy is rather limited in it’s permutations. You can always mention those options are available and get people to email you for a quotation. Nice landscapes, I don’t really do landscapes much, too much competition out there in my opinion. If you specialise in them, that’s great.

(John Stead) #8

Hi RKaimages

I do have my own site that offers different print options.

Do Folksy have any rules about putting links to sites in Product listings?

(Stephanie Guy) #9

I’m pretty sure that won’t be allowed John - I certainly wouldn’t allow it if it were my site!

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #10

No!..But Etsy do!..That’s me banned! Lol! xx

(Ronald Koorm) #11

Look at Folksy’s policy on selling. It does not allow links to other sites where you can purchase the same goods. I realise a lot of people have Facebook and other sites and they seem to get away with providing a link to enable purchase elsewhere, but I think that’s against Folksy’s rules. To be fair to Folksy, they don’t want to lose commission in someone clicking a link on your site and buying on your website or elsewhere. You can, of course, list each one of your options for each individual item on Folksy, eg A4 print , A4 mounted,etc., but the costs will mount up.

(Kate Green) #12

Hi, Just hunted out this topic as I had exactly the same question having joined Folksy yesterday and needing to list my art work. Thank you for the comments - very helpful :smile:
I’m pondering whether i can get around this problem by listing different prints for different sizes/prices and then linking the listings? ie
ladybird a4 (please see these links: butterfly, frog, bird & flower for other sizes/price options and message me at checkout with desired image)
butterfly a3
frog a2
bird a1
flower a0
OR list them all as A4 but have a generic A3, A2, A1 & A0 size/price listing where the customer messages the title of the image they want at this size?
I think I read somewhere it’s OK to do links within listings to other folksy listings.
Could that work? What do you reckon?
Cheers Kate
ps. I’ve not done a checkout and bought or sold anything yet - I presume there is a message function where people can state colour choice etc?

(John Stead) #13

Hi Kate @FlyingFlowerbyKate

I have decided to leave it as I would have to pay to add each item in each different size, Just wasn’t worth it as there are other sites that do it without all the messing about. Its a pity as I like Folksy and the community.

Best of luck

(Heidi Meier) #14

maybe if you put in your listing - Other sizes are available, please message for details. Then if you sell something as a result, just email Folksy and let them know and they can take their commission.