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Macrame and rope possibilities?

Hi folks.

So today is a rather horrible weather day so I decided to stay inside. I have been wanting various plants hanging in the window of my studio (so not to clutter the windowsill) and have spent time on Pinterest looking at macrame plant hangings. I think they look really cool and super easy to make so I had some natural jute twine sitting around so figured giving that I’m stuck inside I may as well play around! I came up with a few designs inc this one:

So think I’d like to make some more for my window. Does anyone have any idea where I can buy interesting/bright coloured rope? Of various thicknesses? I don’t want anything like climbing rope though. I’m happy for it to look quote rustic.

Thanks folks!! Hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday! (And Valentine’s Day) :blush:

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Since you’re based by the sea have you tried your local chandlery/ boat suppliers shop? If you don’t have one then how about

You can get jute twine in various colours from ebay (and other places) and I’m sure if you google macrame cord it will come up with lots of possibilities.

The plant hanger looks fab by the way - never seem to get around to making things for myself but am hoping to move house later this year and hope to add some of my own makes to the soft furnishings :slightly_smiling:

Ah good idea. strangely enough I think our ‘local’ chandlery is much further inland! Haha but it may be worth a visit. Thanks for the idea! :blush:

Thanks! :blush: I rarely get to make things for myself too but I moved house in November and still just finding ways to make it a bit more me! :blush: I sort of have my dream studio in my head as well, and it’s full of plants!! But I only have a small studio so need to find a way to compromise- I thought the macrame plant hangers would be the best of both worlds! Haha

Oh fabulous, they take me back … I made many a macrame plant hanger back in the 70’s, I loved them!

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If Pinterest is to be believed they’ve well and truly made a comeback! Haha

I heard in the last couple of weeks, can’t remember whether it was TV or radio, that Macrame was coming back into fashion, everything seems to come around again. Yours looks great.

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Thanks. Will try and make some different designs. Not done it before but it seems super simple- and in this case useful for me! Haha