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(Vivianne Kacal) #1

I wondered how the choices for showcasing on the front page are made ?

I get the newsletter email, saying the theme is all about Halloween: I have 3 Halloween themed items, and none of those show, even when you click on the link for ‘see the whole theme on Folksy’.

I just wondered if there’s something I should have done in order to get highlighted.

What do you have to do to get featured?
(Sian ) #5

Hi Vivianne

There is information about how we choose items for various features here:

(Sian ) #6

I’ve deleted some comments from other members on this thread because it’s “let’s not be mean to each other Friday!”. Seriously, do remember that this is a public forum and behind every product and shop is a human being with feelings, so please don’t identify indivudual items or sellers that you don’t like seeing.

(Vivianne Kacal) #7

I feel these are things that I have done - it would be useful to know what I haven’t done :slight_smile:

(Marg) #8

Sian, Yes we all have feelings, and would like to be promoted on an even playing field. There are some really talented folk on Folksy who should be promoted in turn. If as a customer I am seeing the same stuff on the front page, I would go and look somewhere else. So let’s see some other talented folk on the front page. The front page has to appeal to all. I am not being mean about anybody, I am expressing my opinion. Can we have a “Let’s be kind to other sellers” Friday. Marg. x

(Camilla) #9

Hi Vivianne. I’ve added two of your items to the Halloween Gift Guide. We do try to include as many sellers as possible in the guides but can’t always guarantee you will be included even if your work fits a particular theme. I think in this case we put the theme together before you listed your products as I don’t remember seeing them when I searched for things to include. But as I said, they are there now.

(Marg) #10

Well done Vivianne @Kismet’s Companion. Good luck. Marg. x

(Vivianne Kacal) #11

Thank you, Camilla ! :smile:

And thanks for the wellwishes, Marg :slight_smile: