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Selling at Things British: reviews

Hi all! I just started on Folksy this week and am making plans to start my own retail shop in London this year. Before I do that, am thinking of placing my jewellery at some physical stores in London to get the word out. Wondering if anyone’s used Things British before and, if so, what your opinion of it is? Thanks :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard of that before, but good luck with it :slight_smile:

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I’d visit the shop first to see how busy it is if you haven’t already done so - go during the day on both a week day and at the weekend.
Also working through the money - at £3.95 per day (eye height shelf at st pancreas shop) for the minimum amount of time (6 weeks) I get a figure of £165.90 for renting a 2 foot shelf (that’s not much space, most craft markets you get a 6ft stall). Add on to that the bank fees (I’ll use paypals 3.4% for the sums) takes up the cost to £171.54, you’ll then need to factor in materials costs (say 20% of the retail price) and I’m upto £205.85, add on the cost of getting the goods there and collecting them at the end (4 single zone 1/2 oyster tube journeys) and I’m upto £217.45 that you need to sell before you start making any profit and I’ve probably left off lots of little incidental costs. These are fairly finger in the wind figures as I don’t know what your materials costs or the bank fees are but hopefully you get where I’m going with it. So you need to make sure that the shop is busy enough and your product is right to achieve that sort of sales revenue in 6 weeks (not a problem in the run up to christmas but probably difficult in january).
As I said visit the shop, see what is in there and how busy it is.

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Hi. I’m also considering this instead of doing a couple of craft fairs early in the year. I think this will get my products in the eye of a new audience in a new area as I’ve concentrated on Northamptonshire/Bedfordshire/Oxfordshire area so far. As Sasha says, it isn’t a lot of space but you have that space for 42 days as a minimum.