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SEO for images on Folksy

(Nana Louise Nielsen) #1

HI all
Just read the article on image SEO on the blog with interest.
When I add images to my blog I always fill in the description and alt text for the reasons that Leanne mentions in the article. And I always add descriptions ad extra tags on Flickr.
But I do wonder…
Don’t Folksy - like Etsy - rename the images in their storing process?
When I right-click an image and choose save as - the suggested name shows up as main.jpg or mini.jpg.
and if I do a ‘save image url’ it shows something like this:

The name I gave the image is nowhere to be seen.

Really don’t fancy renaming everything adding extra hard work for nothing.
Not to mention my photo archiving system would go out the window if I start naming my 5 shots of each item something completely different. I would need a folder for each item to keep the photos together and with at least 400 odd jewellery items what a nightmare that would be.

Please could someone on the Folksy team confirm that the images on Folksy somehow retain their original name even when I can’t see it?


(Minerva) #2

I would also like to know…

(Sonia Adam) #3

I think originally we had to name photos with different tags for seo but at some point folksy changed the way photos are handled. I don’t think photos retain any info like that on folksy but an official answer would be useful @sianfolksy?

(Leslie Morton) #4

Yes, I believe that both Folksy and Etsy assign a title to photos that results in alt tags will not be found. That is why if you try to download one of your pics on a listing here it will say “main.jpg” , Etsy uses an alphanumeric code. I only know this is as when I first started selling on Etsy I asked admin about it. The hours I wasted,

Hope this helps.

(Sonia Adam) #5

Yes, I think that blog article is quite old & refers to when tags on photos were retained on folksy.

(Nana Louise Nielsen) #6

Oh, I never realised it was that old :smile:
Thanks guys for replying. I won’t be renaming anything then, hehe.
Much appreciated.

(Sian ) #7

Yes I’m sorry - that is an old blog post. As far as I know, image titles are no longer retained, but I’ll try to get confirmation on that.

(Sian ) #8

Yes, confirmed - image titles are no longer retained so you don’t need to name them for SEO purposes. Your listing titles (and descriptions) are important though!

(Minerva) #9

Oh good, am glad about that as I’ve never named any photos. :neutral_face:

(Nana Louise Nielsen) #10

Great. Thanks Sian.
ANd yes, my titles and descriptions always need improving :blush: