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Sewing Gift Ideas

With The Great British Sewing Bee starting tonight we want your ideas for our Sewing Gifts guide.

Share your own work or help us find fun ideas to fill this guide.

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I have loads of cast glass buttons

My sister is the sewing person in my family and she was thrilled with the fabric I got her from @WittyDawn so how about

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I have these pin cushions x is the link to tote bags that I hand paint that creates a screen printed look. Although it isn’t sewing materials, I think the bright cheery look of the tote bags would be perfect for keeping stashes of fabric, buttons, yarn and whatever other important sewing essentials.

The process of creating the design on the bag by initially hand drawing the design onto freezer paper, and cutting out the ‘stencil’ before ironing the paper onto the bag, I then paint inside the design and leave to dry before peeling the paper off to reveal the design underneath. Each design is different, and like screen printing you never know what flaws you might get, but the flaws make it perfect, for a hand created look. Each stencil I create is from my original designs, such as the ‘smiley car’

I have two pin cushions; and three sets of vintage Laura Ashley fabric covered buttons, for consideration.

I have a few sewing needle cases in my shop. Heres one of them.

I have a few decorative pincushions made from felt and all hand sewn

Hi to all fellow sewing lovers out there!
I would love to put my Folksy shop forward, called BluebellHillCrafts.
I stock a large variety of Liberty fabric bias bindings and will be listing Liberty fabric spaghetti cords as well in the next few days.
I have an additional 20+ different bias bindings to list before the new Liberty Spring / Summer 2016 fabrics will be out in a couple of weeks. Then I’ll be really going to town, lol… Watch this space!
Wishing everyone a well deserved break to watch the Great British Sewing Bee tonight! Enjoy!

Hand sewn felt pincushion

Hand sewn felt pincushion

Hi, I hope I have posted correctly…newbie to doing this:slight_smile:

I have these

Just listed this needle case today :blush:

I have lots of items suitable for this, here are some:

I have this beautiful hand crafted strawberry pin cushion it comes with a handmade gift box as well.

A little mouse with a dress covered in little scissors, measuring tapes and other sewing paraphernalia.
Just the thing to sit on your sewing table , as a companion, while you’re sewing.

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Hi, here are two different sizes of my popular pin cushions to celebrate The Great British Sewing Bee which Mrs Mel will be glued to for the next eight weeks.

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A bumble bee sewing needle case

Hello everyone, I have a new stash of handmade buttons in my shop :blush:

And a selection of needlecases

Hope you like them :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart:

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I have a growing collection of pre-cut quilt and cushion kits, as well as some fabric pre-cuts for quilters…