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Tags. Wow I’m now confused

I totally love Folksy and always feel good if I get a sale on here (although I get more sales from “the other site”) I think I’m missing something with the tags and not getting seen. Has anyone got any tips as to what tags I should be using?? Thanks in advance

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Just been to look at your shop - love it but can’t think of any other tags except those you are using. Trying to think of what I would search for if I wanted something like that - maybe “my childs art” or “picture to jewellery”.

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Hi Sarah - I think tags with multiple words need spaces - some of yours don’t.
But then I may be wrong …
Also - how about alternative spellings for jewellery - ?

And is it worth adding more key words in the names of your items - ? The robin brooch for example does not mention brooch / pin in the listing title.

Hi Sarah

I would put yourself more in the minds of what a person would be searching for who doesn’t know that your product exists, ie think about what their overall ‘problem’ is, and then think about what need your product can fulfill.

So for example this one:

I would imagine anyone who would see this as their ‘solution’ is going to be thinking - I want a personalised, individual gift that’s a bit quirky, suitable for my daughter / niece/ god daughter etc.

(NB I’ve kept just the female words ie not used Son, grandson etc as it’s more likely girls will wear a necklace. I know that a boy might wear a necklace, and from the equality point I certainly wouldn’t discourage a boy from wearing a necklace as that’s their choice, but when thinking about your target audience which is most likely to convert to sales, and the words they will use when searching online, then you’ll get higher views from people searching for gifts for girls.)

So taking the personalised element, you could add in ‘personalised gift’, ‘personalised jewellery’ personalised necklace’ and then relace ‘personalised’ with substitute words that other people might use eg Custom, Bespoke etc. We all have our own way of describing things, so the word that springs to your mind first isn’t necessarily the words that others use. You’ve already got ‘jewellery from kid’s art’ which is great as it is very niche, but the reality of how many people would search for that as their first search might not be high at all, so maybe going a little bit broader, as per the earlier examples, might help?

Also this item is £92 and so suitable for a very targeted audience. It’s not the sort of thing that a child’s friend at school for example is going to buy them. That’s not a dig at your prices btw but it is just saying that the people who would want to spend that amount of money are potentially more likely to be: mum, dad, grandparents and god parents. So with that in mind what about ‘Grand daughter gift’ ‘First birthday gift’ ‘Bespoke Christening gift’ etc etc. You’re lucky with products that have a niche audience as they are theroetically easier to do SEO on, and although your views might be lower, your overall sales conversion may well be higher.

Good luck with your jewellery - it’s a fab idea and I hope you do well!


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Hi @Birdandmonkey - I wondered if you ever tried anything different as a result of your post, and if you did, if you’d mind sharing results eg view increases etc?

Reason for asking is I’m having a big look at search at the moment and going back to the threads where people have talked about this subject.

Heidi :slight_smile: