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Shop description


I’m trying to open up a shop on folksy and i’m filling in my details for a plus account. I’m a bit confused about the part that’s asking for a ‘Description’. It says ‘This will appear on your shop page and explain what customers can expect from your shop. Let people know a bit about your products, how you make them and where the materials come from. 400 characters max’.

Where is this on the shop page?

I’ve been looking on other peoples shops but I can’t see where this information will go, I can only see an ‘About me’ section and ‘Shop announcements’.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Yolanda!

I do find the various boxes for shop info a bit confusing. I would work your way through all the screens listed under ‘Shop Settings’

Shop Appearance is the main one (including ‘Buying from me’), but the big ‘About me’ section is in the About page, and the ‘Announcements’ box is on Shop Settings.

I can’t see a ‘Description’ box as you describe, so I’m not sure which one that is!



Hi Helen thank you for your quick response!

I haven’t actually got a shop yet or paid, i’m on the signing up page, there is a box named ‘Description’ and I don’t understand where this info will be displayed in my shop once I’ve signed up.

Maybe i’ll just fill it in with some details and see where it ends up!.

Thanks again.


Hi Yolanda,

I think from memory that the description is what ends up in the ‘about me’ section on your shop front.

Good luck,

Cheers Lou


Thank you. I’ve actually signed up now, I filled in the description part and when I went into my shop it says it’s optional so I deleted it.