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New 'About Me' section!


We have a brand new ‘About Me’ section. Head over to your seller dashboard, fill it in, add a photo and see what happens!

Learn more here

The new About Me page is now part of your shop page, rather than a separate page, and should be easier to find and fill in. Plus you can add a photo! We’ve also moved the social media links down so they’re part of your About section rather than in the banner, and Instagram is on there too! It’s almost too exciting.

Think about what you want to say in this section, because it helps buyers understand more about you and it could also help you get seen more on Google too. So use it to tell shoppers things like what you make, what products are in your range, how they’re made, what skills they use, how you make your pieces, what’s involved in your making process, your inspiration and what craft means to you.

If you want to use elements from your “meet the maker” you can still access that by going to the “Profile settings” link in the “Your Profile” section of the seller’s dashboard.

The new About section appears at the bottom of the shop page, and can be scrolled to by clicking the “About” link in the shop page header. We’ve also moved the social media links down there too, so it’s all together.

We hope you like it :blush:


Ooo, brilliant @folksycontent :slight_smile:

Umm, I’'m confused. What is the difference between the information in here, and the tagline in my Shop Apprearance, and the Biography in my Profile, and the words in 'buying from me? I’ve entered some, but can’t actually see that my shop looks any different.

Great Idea, just filled mine in ,hopefully buyers will feel more connected to my craft.

Does this replace Meet the Maker? @folksycontent
Suzzie x

If only I had known…I would have kept a copy of my ‘meet the maker’ write up as a starting point…

That’s the plan, @thistledownandHOPE !
In the meantime, you can still access your “meet the maker” content by going to the “Profile settings” link in the “Your Profile” section of the seller’s dashboard, @KBCreations
I should note that the section appears at the bottom of the shop page, and can be scrolled to by clicking the “About” link in the shop page header. Oh, and it only appears if you provide all three bits of information: an image, a strapline, and the main body of the text.


Ah! that answers the next question, why havent I got the ‘about’ heading at the top of my page!
Teleported all other info, guess now I will have to put a bit of lippy on and do some photos of me and my shop!
Suzzie x

What about our shop’s policies…I don’t know if it would look good to add those bits in the exciting About page…

Perhaps have those in the ‘buying from me’ section?

Well, I guess we could just keep Folksy’s policies that appear at the bottom of the listings. But some sellers might have more specific policies they might want to show. Instead of cluttering the listings and shop space…

I have updated mine with just a picture of one of my works in progress for the moment.
I’m quite impressed.
Thank you Folksy!

that’s so exciting - thanks :slight_smile:

Where on earth do I find the ;About the maker bit???

I’ve just looked at my shop there’s no meet the maker any more and that took me ages to compose.

I’ve just looked into my Dashboard and it tell me to fill in my About section

Where on earth is this ‘About’ section.

Help and how and do I find my old meet the maker details as I need to copy that and I can’t find it anywhere.

I’m about to cry that took me ages to compose.

in the ‘profile settings’ of section of dashboard as before. all still there @EileensCraftStudio

new ‘about’ appears at bottom of each shop page once all sections filled in.

all my work is gone I’m getting very angry now I want my work back please so I can at least copy and past it

I don’t have time for this extra work when I had my Meet the Maker section all nicely filled in.

Admin should have simply transferred it all for us.

you can just copy and paste text from ‘profile settings’ if you want to use same text for the ‘about’ section.

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Your old ‘meet the maker’ info can still be found. If you go to your dashboard and near the bottom there is a link called ‘Profile Settings’ (under Your Profile). Presumably you can copy it and paste it into the new ‘About’ section which can be found in the ‘Shop Settings’ (about half way down).

Sally beat me to it. :slight_smile:


That was my first reaction too :slight_smile: Look under Shop Settings and Shop Appearance. Also under Your Profile there is Profile Settings. It’s all there…copy & paste what you need…

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We were typing and posting at the same time. :slight_smile: