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Shop Names

(Brenda Cumming) #21

some really interesting stories…any more?

(Gill Wootton) #22

Love rainbows and wanted to include it in my shop name I love all of the colours in nature that I see around me too the sea,the beach,the flowers,the hedgerows etc. so the colours I used in my work were more than just Rainbows hence Rainbows’n’More was born.

Gill x

(Stringobeads) #23

Our name comes from our love of football, Both massive Leeds United fans .So it was quite easy Sting O Beads = Leeds

(Diane Burton) #24

I didn’t want to use my name in my shop name when I first started selling online (don’t know why but I just didn’t feel comfortable with it) and my daughter came up with the idea to use my initial I tried D’sDesigns but it didn’t look ‘right’ so I used Dee’sDesigns. Unfortunately it can have the lead to people assuming Dee is my name but Diane’sDesigns is a lot of a mouthful so Dee’sDesigns it will stay :smiley:

(Kennelcraft) #25

I decided that because the road I live in is kennel lane which has hunt kennels ,and I had started crafting , to call my shop Kennelcraft. My son loved it :grinning:

(Suzzie Godfrey) #26

It all started when I was making my 1st Braided rug.
When my children were quite small we watched a lot of Beatrix Potter stories on video, Mrs Tittlemouse to be exact, who was sweeping her house out of all the thistledown that had collected there, and Mr Baperty Bumble came in with dirty paws.
I was making a braided rug to go by my back door, some thing that I could pop in the wash over night, because my family and other animals insisted on coming in to the house wiping their feet on a clean doormat THEN taking their shoes off, it used to drive me crazy, because I couldn’t make them see that if they only took their shoes off before they came into the house I wouldn’t have to continually wash the very heavy turtle mat that was there!!!
So whilst I was on the floor braiding away thistledown&HOPE was born.
‘thistledown’ because of the never ending sweeping Mrs Tittle mouse did, and ‘HOPE’ because that is what I have.
Suzzie x

(Adien Crafts) #27

I chose a few names which had already gone then my hubby suggested Adien which is an anagram of my name Diane.
I probably wouldn’t choose it again as if I had £ for every time I am called ‘Aiden’ Crafts I would be rich haha!
Lovely reading the stories behind the shop names xx

(Helen Healey) #28

I’ve always liked your shop name Suzzie and wondered how it came about. Now I know!

(Amberlilly) #29

Simply, my little ginger girl, my mixed up spaniel cross. Amberlilly! I used to be Chilloutchichandmade, hate it now! Lol! X

(Roz) #30

Loved reading through these - I see people are very creative with their names as well as their makes :slight_smile:

(Niki Connor) #31

I was studying Interior Design when I started making my personalised prints and greeting cards as a way of earning a little extra pocket money. I had already created my company name Connor Interiors for my interior design work and so just used the same name. The funny thing is that I now focus more on this business than interiors and keep wondering if I should change my business name to reflect this.

(Diane Kendal Lee) #32

I’m Diane of Silverhares because much of my work is based on hares (and made of silver) but my website name is as I was contacntly introduced to people by customers as “My Jewellery Designer” .

One problem is that it’s a bit of a long name & for tweets, that’s much of the allowed letters gone. :smiley:

(Lynn Britton) #33

Barking Erkinwald is the name of my son’s Springer Spaniel aka Zebedee, I just thought it was unusual and would use it as my shop name.
Here’s a picture of Zebedee, this is the face he makes when you ask him to smile.


(Carla Marie) #34

I chose mine for a few reasons! It’s my dream to open a shop with this name (an actual bricks & mortar shop!). It takes me back to my childhood on our narrowboat when I’d collect catkins from the trees and make little woolly patterns with them! I’m also a bit of a crazy cat lady so had to get a cat design in there somewhere! (unfortunately I don’t own any as my boyfriend is allergic!)

(Ruth ) #35

Mines quite boring really - Ruth Smith Jewellery. Smith isn’t exactly uncommon!
When I first started out I was SilverLinks, but as I developed my skills and ability to work with different products I thought it may be a little restrictive. So Ruth Smith Jewellery it become - it’s who I am & what I do, & I suppose the smith element adds to it as I’m a silversmith :laughing:

(Dawn Sneesby) #36

Mines boring too, just used my name as I couldn’t think of anything else really. When I worked in a gallery in Sheffield I had some of my jewellery in there and used the name San Lorenzo Jewellery which is a market area in Florence, where at the time, I bought lots of beads.

(Thedotterypotter) #37

I used to go on a soap forum about 15 years ago and chose the user name Spangly Dottery Potter as I liked spangly things, was a bit Doddery (but dottery went better with Pottery) and I am a potter. Then I started to sell work to other forumites on the Lush forum and got known as Dottery Pottery - so the name stuck.
Unfortunately when I registered here, it asked for a user name and I used the dottery potter as I didn’t realise that it would be my actual shop name, but as I built the business up pretty quickly - it just stuck, so my URL is different to my shop name but people still seem to find me, so I probably won’t change it after all these years!

(Joy Salt) #38

I think I was really lucky that my name was not in use as it was such an obvious one for me to choose.
The S of Joys is for my surname Salt hence Joy S of GLASS.

(Denise Busby) #39

Have changed mine a few times first I was tiny tots as most of my items were for babies but felt that limited me to just those so changed to crafts by Evelyn which I felt wasn’t quite right so I then went for Busybee knitwear as my surname is Busby so I am sticking with that now as it seems appropriate