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What fantastic names!

(Karen Johnson) #1

As I’ve been exploring the forums and clicking through to your pages I’ve been amazed and delighted by the huge variety of gorgeous shop names! Makes me smile :smiley:

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Yours is a great name too Millie Moth! :smile:

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(Marg) #3

I agree, it’s difficult to choose a name for a shop. Mine came from a brainstorming session. I chose my initials ME and then thought well they are my crafts, which I hope my customers will enjoy, so Margaret English, My Crafts, which with a bit of juggling with the spelling became Me-mi-crafts.

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(Susannah Ayre) #4

I’m one of those strange people who love seagulls as well (we seem to be a rarity!) and always enjoy just sitting watching them. The beach is at the bottom of my street so the coast is just part of me! All my work is coastal as well as that’s what inspires me.
My husband jokes with me a lot as I always want to know everything so ask a million and one questions and spend probably a lot of time just googling things or reading up on things- I’m no longer allowed to watch documentaries about space at night as that’s then all I talk about and question for the rest of the evening- so he said I should add ‘curious’ to it all. Didn’t actually spent a long time thinking about my artworks name- curious seagull just came about and it just stuck- it seemed to work instantly. And my little studio is now called Curious Seagull Studio. :blush:

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(Brenda Cumming) #5

I am GweddusArt.
When I came from London to live in Wales,I wanted something Welsh for my shop name.
Gweddus (pronounced Gwethis) is the Welsh word that can mean “becoming” and as I am Brenda Cumming (B.Cumming)…I thought that was a good choice…lol…
Teabreaks,…my user name is TE(Ted)A(and)BRE(Brenda)A(and)KS(kids) TEABREAKS

(Julie Maginn) #6

Hi, yes I love many of the shop names and often wonder the story behind them. Mine is Dew Drop Crafts, at the time I was setting up my business we had just got a golden retriever puppy. I seemed to spend a ridiculous amount of time telling him to ‘drop’ and as my name is Julie I became Dew and he became Drop!! And yes, six years on I am still telling him to drop!!

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(Karen Johnson) #7

Wow! It’s great to hear how all your names come about! Really clever connections. My name came about by wanting a “name” that sounded ok and could be used for anything I decided to make. I knew I wanted something fairly timeless so just scoured lists of names until Millie jumped out at me, and Moth seemed perfect with it. I’m very happy with it. You just know when something feels right don’t you? Just need to feel that way about everything else now! :wink:

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #8

Welcome to Folksy Millie :slight_smile:
Your name is lovely and you’re right in what you say about finding something that feels right. I came up with my name at College and am still using it, it still fits perfectly. I chose those words to describe my state of mind during a typography project… it sort if accidentally became my ‘brand’ name.

(Oh Button Me) #9

I also agree there are such imagitive names and some really funny ones.

I took ages to think up mine but have a love for all things buttons.

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(Tina Martin) #10

Hi Millie, love your shop name. Yes, there are some great shop names on here. I choose Daisywings, (well actually my daughter came up with it) as it’s sounds like a cross between fairies and flowers. :slight_smile:

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(Minerva) #11

Yeah, there are some really cute shop names here.
I do like quite a few…

Well…we are creative people after all!! :smile: