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I think this subject was talked about a few years ago but I thought it would be good to do it again as there are now lots of new shops.
Tell us about your shop name and how you chose it…often there is an interesting story behind it.
I will start…
Most of my life I have been involved in the knitwear industry and as I am Brenda Cumming (or B.Cumming) I used to use the name Becoming Knitwear.
When I came to live in Wales 20 years ago, I wanted a name that was Welsh.
I looked up the word “becoming” in my Welsh dictionary and it said Gweddus (pronounced Gwethis) SO this is the name I chose. I continued with my knitwear but also took up painting and so added Art to the name hence GweddusArt.
The word teabreaks which I use as my user name is not only because I love my cup of tea , but it is also a culmination of TEdAndBREndaAndKellyandSimon (or KS for Kids)
I look forward to reading how you chose your shop names…


I didn’t really think about my shop name! I heard someone talking about Folksy on “Woman’s Hour” and opened my shop a couple of days later. When I came to the line “Shop name”, my favourite childhood rhyme came to mind (I was already making The Owl and the Pussycat brooches- my first Folksy sale too). I like the name in that people will search for it, but I’m also in competition with a lot of others of the same name. It’s a pity I didn’t understand the significance of the user name or I would have chosen something linked to Edward Lear…

Originally my I did lots of different crafts and had a shop called Rozcraftz - very unoriginal but it was thought up in a hurry and I hated it pretty much immediately! When I started to concentrate on felting and then started felting exclusively I decided I needed to rename my shop. At the time I was going through a divorce and decided to put my maiden name of Orchard to good use and so became Orchard Felts which I think has a nice country feel to it :slight_smile:


Mine is about as unoriginal as it gets … Wild is my surname and Rose is my middle name, and I design and make things ( bags mostly ). I hated my middle name for the first half of my life, I quite like it now. It must be because I’m getting old! I often think I should have a different shop name but I’ve had this one for 6 years now and use it for my own website and E… shop. :slight_smile:


Mine is because Little Bird was my nickname and Big Bird my older sister Helen’s nickname. Helen died in 2011 from bowel cancer, and she gave me her sewing machine, and that’s how I started; it’s my continuing link with her.


I think mine is too obvious to explain. Just glad nobody else had nabbed it first.

Joy xx


I just thought mine sounded cool lol and a little bit Welsh :grin:


Mine is really boring …was making soap in my kitchen in Trawden, lol.


I feel so much happier since I changed the name of my shop to my name last year, not hiding behind a made up name anymore!

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I have to say I didn’t come up with my shop name. My very good friend did. She kept calling all my handmade gifts beaded treasures taking the micky out of gollum from Lord of the rings. So it sort of stuck.

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Didn’t want to use my name as there are other artists with the same name as myself, so I wanted to have a shop name that captured what I love to create, flowers, butterflies and fairies, found it hard to think of anything then my daughter came up with Daisywings and it just seemed to fit.

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Along came stray ginger cat and we needed somewhere to hang out together so I fixed up a leaky shed full of rusty tools and kitted it out as a workshop/studio,fitted a woodstove and gingakats studio was born,all down to Jonesy really.

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My shop name is my daughters name Jennie and i just added gems as i thought they sounded well together

When I got back into serious painting (after a break for doing all sorts of other creative things over a gap of nearly 20 years) and wanted to start showing my work on a forum I was on I hid behind one of my bunnies - Dandelion. He was outgoing, and I was shy of showing my work under my own name, so I pretended Dandelion did all of the paintings, and I jokingly made up the name Dandelion’s Gallery, and when I decided to start selling again I wanted to keep that name :slight_smile:

Dandelion was the artist, Blackberry is the bunny in my Avatar, Clover was the poet who wrote the Little Book of Bunny Poems, and Buttercup is Editor and Business Manager. Lady Jane is the critic (she prefers that to actually doing the work lol) and my newest addition, Mr. Beau Brambles…well, we haven’t actually got a role for him yet as he’s a hyperactive lunatic. I think he may have to be charge of shredding unwanted paperwork…


My husband has always called me Polly. Over the years this has evolved into other variations including Polly Pocketful (based on Polly Pocket). When I needed a shop name I decided to use Pocketful and was torn between Designs and Creations to describe my makes. Creations won and so Pocketful Creations was born.

I named mine Freda’s after my mother

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My shop name took a bit of thinking, I had thought of lots of unusual or even silly names, but I thought go with who I am Margaret English my crafts. I changed the y in my to an i, and used my initials, and so the name me-mi-crafts developed.

My shop started as Fire Horse Textiles, because Fire Horse is the Chinese Horoscope year I was born, but then I started doing painting and cards and non-textile things, so I swapped to my name. My personal website is still in the Fire Horse Textiles name, though.

We wanted a seasidy name for our business as we’re based on the coast in Wells next the Sea Norfolk. As there are three of us we couldn’t really use one of our names, so we played around with different pairings until my brother came up with Saltmarsh & Samphire. :smiley:

Because we’re a partnership we didn’t want to use either of our names so we took our name from the first collection of jewellery we designed, our bouquet range with was based on African violets. We had to add the “Blossom” because another jewellery company had registered Violet jewellery with companies house and then gone bust. We were originally “kooky Violet” but people kept pronouncing it “cookie Violet” and it did my nut in lol. Glad we changed it now :slight_smile: