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Hi, how is anyone doing for Sales. I have plenty of views but no buying.


Hi Helen, there have been quite a few threads about this lately, have a look through the forums and you’ll find lots of feedback you might find useful! How much are you promoting? Lots of promotion is needed for people to find you and your shop. Good luck!

I’ve had a few sales in the 4 months I’ve been here but I’m not 100% promoting yet, I’m still trying to figure that whole minefield out. I’m sure once I do and get into a good routine with it my sales will pick up.

I think you might need to add a few more photo’s and a bit more in your descriptions to tempt your potential customers to buy.

The apron is really hard to see it’s you might want to take a photo of both sides with it spread out ie laid flat or on a taylor’s dummy or on someone.

Remember potential customers can only go by your photo’s and descriptions as they can’t pick it up and take a closer look like they can in a bricks and mortar shop.

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I seem to be doing OK…I opened a Folksy shop at the beginning of August and have made 8 sales so far…but I think considering what I sell (Original artwork) It’s not the sort of thing that will sell consistently- I’m also unable to create print after print after print due to time constraints so I’m ok with that amount. I’m also happy that I’m selling more on here than through Etsy- while I get more views on there, I get more sales on here. Which I like with it being British based.
I do a lot of promoting however. I use Instagram: @curiousseagull Facebook Twitter: @curiousseagull1 and have a blog: curiousseagullstudio which is about what I do so advertises that- but also has the Folksy widgets on the side to allow potential customers to come straight to my shop.
I know Twitter and Facebook has generated sales for me, not sure if the others have, but I enjoy using them so don’t see it as a chore.

I am always trying to improve my descriptions/photos. And I have sort of tried to create a ‘house style’. I think that makes it seem more professional- I’ve tried to do this through all the media I use. However, I do like to keep my Instagram a little more personal as well…so all my photos aren’t just of what I make- but I actually think this also helps create a more rounded ‘brand’ essentially. If something is handmade, people often like to know more about the creator.
I still feel like I’ve got loads to learn - I enjoy using the forum too, I think it helps reassure as well as providing ideas/information that I may not have thought of.

I guess promotion is they key though- although finding the potential customers can be hard work and sometimes it feels like it’s just pot luck- sadly I’m not a famous artist so can’t rely on my name alone…and can’t expect people just to stumble onto my shop out of the billions of others on the internet.

I hope things pick up for you soon!! Christmas run-up pretty soon though!! Hopefully that will help everyone out!! :slight_smile:

Sorry if it seems like I’m waffling on…just thought it might be helpful to share anything that might be useful. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your email. I promote through facebook and Twitter. Is this enough do you think?


Depends how much you do, promotion is a huge part of driving views and customers to your shop.

I agree with Margaret.
It definitely depends how much promotion on those things you actually do. And what kind of promotion it is- and when!
On facebook and twitter, posts with photos generally get a lot more interest. I often post a photo with a link on twitter.
Facebook is a funny one because only so many of your likers will actually see what you post anyway which is a bit annoying.
I generally post different things a few times a day on Twitter- more if there’s something like handmadehour or CraftHour on.
On facebook however I post less often- maybe once or twice every couple of days- but that depends on what I’m doing- if I’m in the middle of making something I’ve found people like to see progress photos or videos so then I’ll post more on there.

I guess it’s just finding that seems to work for you- and work out how much time you have to spend on these things.

Good luck!! :slight_smile:

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September has been good for me, I made it onto the best sellers list for the first time ever near the beginning of the month!