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Just getting going! Need help!

Hello there everyone,

I have just started on Etsy and have done a bit of Social media promotion to get people to view my work. I get amazing feedback and people get really excited about the designs but no sales so far. Have you got a minute or two look at my initial products and to share some helpful hints? It would be very much appreciated!

Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

Jo :slight_smile:

First of all, take a look at what you’ve written! And it looks like you’ve been around a while because you’re shop has a sale, but it is no longer visible… so, if you want to get sales on Folksy make sure your promotion is for this site, it’s a lovely place to be and good luck with your shop :blush:

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Yes. I was a bit eager copying and pasting. I joined ages ago and had a sale and then went off the radar due to tragic family events. Thank you for your tips.

Love the way you have photographed your work…I’m struggling to photo my canvases to show them at their best. Your shop looks great to me…think patience is the key :smirk:

You still haven’t reread what you have copied and pasted!

I have Sue. I have asked for advice not a telling off! I appreciate detail is really key and I made a mistake. Why keep going on about it. It does not really help. Help is what I asked for. Thanks.

“I have just started on Etsy…” ?

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You talk about doing some social media promotion but you haven’t provided the links in your shop to your social media pages (this can be done via the dashboard under shop appearance I think). Search engines (both internal and external) scan through the first 2 paragraphs so you need to make sure you put the things that people might be searching for in there eg bee print, nursery decor that sort of thing. Also if the search bots see the same wording multiple times across different pages they tend to view it as spam (this is why we are advised to not copy and paste descriptions across different selling platforms) of your listings that I looked at they all have exactly the same text - there is no reference to the specific design of the canvas that the listing is for so this might not be working in your favour when it comes to being found via google. (But the description especially the instructions on how you get the handprints is well written). Tags - normally longer string tags work better eg someone might be searching for kids animal print or nursery decor rather than just bedroom, I found it useful to rope a friend in and asked them to search folksy for specific items of mine making a note of what terms they used in the process so that I could go back and tag the item accordingly.
Finally buyers might like to know how their finished canvas will be packaged/ shipped so that they know it will arrive safely - couriers aren’t all known for being delicate with parcels - there is a buying from me section for that sort of info.

Thanks Sasha that is fab! I definitely have a lot of fine tuning to do. Fab feedback and very much appreciated. Jo :wink:

Hi Jo,

Welcome back : ) I think your items are great and Sasha has made some absolutely brilliant points.

The only suggestions I can come up with at the mo and these are probably things that you are already working on are to get your banner and shop profile picture up. I’m sure that you have or will have a very strong branding as your work is so striking.

Plus the new ‘About you’ bit that appears at the bottom of your shop. You can fill that in and add a pic by going to your dashboard, on the left hand side of the menu you will see ‘Shop settings’ and ‘About’ with ‘new’ in orange next to it.

Hope this helps : )

Helen. That is fab advice. I am making a list of all the points and will work my way through them.
Thank you so much for your time.
Jo :wink:

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