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Hi there you may know me or not as the case maybe?

This week i am hoping to get some promo work done for myself :slight_smile: but am looking for other sellers to join in…if you would like your shop to be included please pop your details below and i will share your shop and also include item from your shop on a pinterest board for Folksy sellers…all i ask in return is you share what you love best from my shop…


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Hello Debi, it would be lovely if you could include something from my shop. I will pin and love something from yours.
Good luck with your promoting.

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Aww Thank you…i will share your shop link and an item on pinterest…will popover too to favourite your shop xx

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Count me in :wink:

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Done…Thank you :heart:

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All done ladies… <3

Hi, thank you, hope im not too late for this?! My shop is
I will share your shop and items I love from it in return x

No thats fine Diane…x :slight_smile: and Thank you

I have shared on 2 social networks and i have a board in Pinterest…xx

Am I to late?
Best of luck with this :slight_smile:

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I have just seen this thread, so I hope I am not too late to join in? My shop is

I will share your shop and my favourite items of yours in return for promoting mine. Thank you so much,

Jacqueline x

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No not at all :smiley: x

Hi will share today at some point :smile:

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Welcome everyone… :smile: please feel free to join in

Hi, again I hope I am not too late to join in - I would really appreciate you including my little shop in your promotions boost and likewise I will return the favour - many thanks Niki x

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I would love to join in. I have lots of twitter and pin followers so will promote some of your items in return for you promoting me.

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Come and join me in my new group over on Flickr

I include talented crafters/artists in my blog regularly, so would be more than happy to include you in some coming posts =] My blog can be found here: