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Pinterest for Item Promotion

(Helen Johnson) #1


I have been a member of Folksy for a while but I haven’t had the time to list much and promote my items until know.

I now have more time to spend on making and selling my items and over the next few weeks I will be filling up my Folksy shop.

I have been reading the Forum to get a feel for Folksy and understand what I need to do to ensure my little venture is a success and I would like to use Pinterest as a way to promote not just my own items but also to help get Folksy out there more and noticed more.

What I propose is:

We all set up a Folksy Pin boards on our own Pinterest account
Add a link to this thread for your Folksy store to show you interest in being included in each others Pinterest Boards
Pin away at your leisure to fill your Folksy Pin board with links

Hopefully this will snowball and generate a lot of interest and get us all noticed more. Its just a shame that our listings end on Folksy. I would love a List until ended feature.

In addition to the above Favourite all of the shops in the thread and like at least one item.
Also if there is enough interest we could even follow each others Pinterest Boards and cross comment.

This is something that would need constant work due to the fact that listings do not continue indefinitely.

Please promote this thread as much as possible to gain interest.

Thank you

(CopperTobi) #2

I have 3 folksy boards on my pinterest. One with my stuff:
plus jewellery finds:

(AvenueFurnishings) #3

Hi Helen. This seems like a great idea.

I’ve just got the two boards at the moment.

(Wanderings) #4

Awesome initiative! I just started a Folksy board on Pinterest myself :smile:

(Helen Johnson) #5

I have pinned and liked and followed your board. Hopefully everyone can return the favour. :grinning:

( Carol ) #6

We already do very similar in the daily listing thread.