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Should I add 'disabled' to title?

Hi I have been away from Folksy for a time, but just re stocking my shop and have a query. I am the mother of a disabled son, and whilst making some dribble bibs I thought it would be a good idea to make large size ones for disabled young adults/teens/older children. But I don’t know how to phrase my title or description. Should I mention disabled in the title or some other term, otherwise I do wonder if people will generally think 'why is she making adult size bibs?
Any thoughts welcome, many thanks Sara

I’ve seen them advertised as Adult bibs as that is what my friend orders for her very disabled adult son.

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Thanks Eileen, I think I will just stick with adult bibs and hope people find them. Many thanks

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Im not sure if this phrase is PC but could you use the phrase “special needs”?
eg Large size bibs for people with special needs

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As a parent of a disabled teenager I think disabled is fine to use or learning difficulties or special needs, perhaps look up what other companies that make these bibs describe them as if you are worried, I don’t think you will offend anyone though.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback. I did try looking them up and mostly it says ‘adult bib’ but not like mine which are more bandana style. I will have a ponder and another google. cheers Sara

I used to clients advise on disability and legal and technical disabled matters when I was a registered access consultant, until I retired about a year ago. I am conversant with the disabled aspects of The Equality Act 2010 and various other codes of practice.

It would be possible to put a reference to disabled persons in the detailed description of your product under your photo, as compared with the title.

I do understand that you wish to promote your product and get it to the right part of the market. There is nothing in law which stops you from putting in the title “Disabled Adult Bib”,or ‘Adult Bib for disabled people’, but I would personally, probably not do that, unless you have no other options. You could market it as ‘Large size Bibs suitable for adult size’ or similar.

The advantage of having something in the title that refers to disability or disabled, is that a customer doing a search on Folksy would tend to locate your item rather than overlook it.

I suspect that most customers looking for an adult bib may look for it in specialist shops/online . I used to be sent catalogues regularly for those type of items, (eg commode chairs, hoists, grip-assist products, ), , although I tended to specialise in buildings, facilities and property-related disabled matters, so a lot of those items were not of great interest to me.

I wish you well, as you may indeed, be able to provide a useful product to those who would welcome it. There seems to be a bit of a ‘barrier’ in sometimes using the word ‘disabled’ as a prefix in offering products. We need to move away from separating out disabled people, and become more inclusive.

A suggestion could be to go to well known disability websites such as RNID and similar to see how they describe their products, and that might help.

Thank you Ronald for a very helpful reply. I do appreciate your insight. I have decided to stick with just describing it as an adult bib.
As I am heavily involved with disabled adults and youngsters and their carers, I may well just speak to them directly to gauge reaction to adults bibs/banadanas.
Many thanks and best wishes Sara