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Show me your bags! I need a new one asap!


I am looking for a new bag - it needs to be lightweight, something like a canvas tote bag, but with a zip or drawstring fastening (most tote bags I’ve found don’t have any kind of fastening and I find everything falls out when I put my bag down!)

I am open to suggestions and don’t have a set budget in mind - so show me what you’ve got!

(I would make one myself, but my toddler refuses to let me to get any work done so my sewing machine has been packed away for a while now!)


This one of mine has a magnetic clasp. I don’t know if that would be ok.

A zipped one is on my list of ‘to do’s’ but just haven’t got around to it yet. I did one as a baby bag for my daughter and am planning to do one for Folksy, this was done in quilting cotton but I’m thinking of using canvas for the Folksy one…

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@AnnaLouise I have just listed this zipped bag if you are still looking.
Happy to make in different fabrics also…

Hi, I have a couple in my shop with a drawstring - if you don’t like these fabrics I could make something similar in a colour you prefer

Just listed this tweed clutch.