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Show me your eco goodies!

(francescaburke) #41

Made from unbleached cotton, cute bookish alternative to plastic bags:

(Ruth ) #42

4 newly listed soap sox

(PetraBradleyPrints) #43

Corner of an old tablecloth purse

(HannahsBabyBibs) #44

I have a few different reuseable cloth wipes for sale.

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(Tina Martin) #45

The first of my new packs of postcards printed on 100% recycled card;

(Minerva) #46
(ArtilyEverCrafter) #47

Hand crafted paper clay pulp pendant :smile:

(Tina Martin) #48

(Lynn Britton) #49

Lap blanket made using yarns left over the other projects

(Minerva) #50
(Lynn Davis) #51

I upcycle found potteryshards, scoria and sea glass into jewellery using eco silver and recycled packaging, and include the history of where I found the shard, etc. Here’s an example…

(Minerva) #52

Cute, wee heart made of 100% Scottish wool.

(PetraBradleyPrints) #53

The full Monty of teatowelness