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Let's see your ingenious upcycles!

I sort of hate the word upcycle but also quite like it at the same time. I was in a shop in Bordeaux that had loads of new stuff made out of old stuff. Bought my sister a really cool purse made from two halves of a music cassette with a fabric pouch sewn between them.

Anyway I’m now intrigued to see what upcycling Magic the wonderful folk at Folksy have come up with.

Over to you.

Love an upcycle, this was a former tin of tomatoes :slight_smile:

I blogged about it too :slight_smile:

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Two of my favourite materials have had previous lives as something completely different. First up Bowlerite - used to be a 10 pin bowling ball but alas now longer round enough for that job so cut up for jewellery.

And then there is Fordite - layer upon layer of car paint that built up on the walls of the old spray booths.

I’m also hoping to get my hands on some surfite - that’s resin left over from making surf boards.


From torn vintage bedsheets to pretty bowl.


My husband makes surfboards- well, he doesn’t make as many as he used to. Wish I’d known this a few months ago when we moved house, I could have sent you a whole floor worth!! Haha he chipped some off and make keyrings for people who’d bought the boards. Haha

If you find any bits lurking or know someone else who’s floor is in a similar state to your old one then please let me know - it only seems to be available in America and the cost of shipping/ customs etc is putting me off but I’d love to get some.

This is a painting which I just finished for myself so not for sale on my shop but wanted to share it with you. This canvas has had a bit of a journey. Picked it up at a charity shop for £10, first gave it some swirls which I didn’t really like and then it got “My Skyline”. The blocks of colour are finished off with varnish which give it a great shine and the texture of the swirls comes through too. Now it has pride of place above our bed. What do you think?


Nah there will be plenty here- just no one here thinks of selling it/passing it on to others to use!
While my husband has used some to turn it into keyrings he didn’t know it had a specific name or was used for jewellery. So I’m guessing most of them are the same.
If you contact some small scale uk surfboard makers- most are just 1 guy working from their garage or small workshop- I’m sure they’d be happy to send you some. Probably more inclined than the larger companies anyway. :slight_smile:

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Please can I include this hat in the upcycled items. Made with an upcycled hat, lace and feathers.

Great stuff!

I love that something mundane can become something beautiful! I love that one persons cast offs are another persons inspiration! I love that I’d never even thought of surfboard shavings as an actual thing! And I LOVE that photo of the tulips!

(Kidding… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Have you seen the Malcolm In The Middle episode where the Dad is painting a massive painting and keeps coming back to it and changing bits and adding more - he finally finishes and its the most beautiful thing his family has ever seen, then all the paint peels off and covers them because it’s so thick, not saying that’ll happen, just, you know, be careful.)

I haven’t even been drinking.


Haha no haven’t seen that one but that thought did cross my mind so if I wake up one morning covered in paint I’ll know where to look. But I paint like that all the time, keep going back to a painting again and again and again. I find it very hard to finally say a painting is finished as I can always see ways of trying to make it better. :grimacing:

Hi everyone this is our first time using a Folksy forum…eeek! We just wanted to let you all know what we have been upcycling. We are both crochet geeks and thought it might be fun to turn the tools of our trade into something we could wear each day. So after much head scratching we took one of our vintage crochet hooks and turned it into a pendant. Voila! A very simple but highly effective crochet hook necklace and we love them! Hooks come in all sorts of colours and materials so we are now looking into using bamboo hooks and painting them in a geometric style.
Has anyone else tried upcycling their tools?
Cara and Hannah x


Upcycled horseshoes


I use upcycled material for my sewing projects. You can see some of my clothing on my website:
I also have some fabric-covered buttons in my shop which are made using excess fabric from my projects:

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This bag currently in my shop has an upcycled lining. I have been collecting silk scarves for a while and I decided to use one to line the bag!

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I’ve started using old book pages from books that are falling apart or have pages missing to make bags and purses😊 I treat the pages to make them splash proof🙂

Love it @FireflyCreations, what a great idea :grinning:

Thank you :blush: